Causes of toxicosis in pregnancy

The main causes of toxicosis during pregnancy

To date, the phenomenon of toxicosis of pregnant women has been studied insufficiently. It is impossible to say exactly why it occurs in this or that woman. However, some possible causes of toxicosis during pregnancy doctors still identified:

  • Hormonal changes. It's not a secret to anybody, that from the first days of the implantation of the fetal egg into the uterine cavity in the body of the woman colossal hormonal changes begin. The concentration of hormones changes dramatically, and this is reflected in many changes. Suffering and well-being of mother: against the background of the riot of hormones it starts to puke, sharpens the sense of smell, the taste is distorted. Do not forget also that for the female body the embryo is an alien body, from which it wants to get rid of, and this also leaves its imprint on the mother's well-being. But over time, the hormonal level stabilizes, the mother organism will get used to the baby - and the toxicosis will pass, closer to the second trimester.
  • Formation of the placenta. This theory seems quite logical. It was observed that toxicosis affects a woman during the first trimester, until 12-13 weeks. It is during this period that the formation of the placenta is completed. Now she will assume many functions, including the delay of toxic substances. Until this happens, the mother's body is protected from possible intoxication with vomiting.
  • Protection of the fetus. According to one version, the rejection by the pregnant woman of a number of products is nothing more than a planned natural act of protection. As a rule, the future mother has disgust, first of all, cigarettes and smoke, caffeine-containing beverages, as well as meat, fish, eggs, which are potentially dangerous because of the probable content of pathogenic microorganisms. Nausea and vomiting prevent the ingress of substances dangerous for the embryo into the maternal and its body, therefore are biologically necessary. In addition to toxins and toxins that can be contained in the food absorbed by the mother, The negative impact on the growth and development of the fetus is also provided by insulin, which is produced in her body after each meal. If you believe this theory, then everything seems to be logical & hellip;
  • Chronic diseases. Untreated diseases and weak immunity promise the future mother many troubles during the entire period of gestation. And everything begins with a toxicosis, which in unhealthy weakened women will arise with a high degree of probability. Therefore, vitamin complexes should be taken at the planning stage, as well as a thorough medical examination and thoroughly treated, especially with regard to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Psychological factor. According to this theory, the cause of toxicosis during pregnancy lies in the psychoemotional state of a woman. Stresses, nervous disorders, increased irritability, lack of sleep, severe emotional shocks contribute to the occurrence of nausea and even vomiting. Doctors believe that toxicosis often occurs in women who become pregnant unplanned, unexpectedly and undesirable for themselves. In addition, often a woman tunes herself to something that will be bad for her, and self-hypnosis is a great thing! And scientists say that the nervous system of a future mother is inevitably subjected to changes with the onset of pregnancy, and the centers of the brain responsible for the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the sense of smell are activated during this period.
  • The age factor. Pregnancy after 30-35 years is considered more risky in many senses, including the development of toxicosis. Doctors say that in most cases the future mother will be more easily nurtured by a baby than she is younger. But this, Of course, at all, not necessarily.
  • Heredity. And what about without a genetic predisposition, and here it plays a role. If your mother or grandmother suffered from toxicosis during pregnancy, then there is a high probability that this cup will not pass you by. In addition, the risk of developing toxicosis increases if, during previous pregnancies, a woman vomited and vomited.
  • Multiple pregnancy. When multiple pregnancies are always more happiness and joy, but bear it at times more difficult. Here and a toxicosis to mums twins and triggers annoy more often, than the rest. But it is believed that women suffering from toxicosis are miscarried to a lesser extent. And this is important!

Unfortunately, the guides to action, which is guaranteed to relieve you of toxemia in the early stages of pregnancy, does not exist. However, it is quite obvious that a healthy young woman is prone to nausea during the period of bearing a child to a much lesser degree than a future mother with chronic diseases, which, in addition, still leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, ideally, motherhood should be prepared in advance. In any case, it will not hurt either you or the baby.

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