Cellulite during pregnancy

Causes and prevention of cellulite during pregnancy

Cellulite during pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon. It manifests itself in 90 out of 100 women (even those who have never been prone to it) and after the birth then passes. But why does he still appear?

Causes of cellulite during pregnancy

Cellulite during pregnancy can appear already in the early stages, and the main reason for its appearance are physiological changes and hormonal changes in the body:

  1. A baby growing in a mother's tummy draws a large amount of iodine from the mother's body, which is responsible for the rate of fat burning and for the control of metabolism at the cellular level. The lack of iodine in the body of a pregnant woman leads to the appearance of cellulite. In order for the body to recover, you may need an additional intake of iodine-containing drugs. But do not rush to run to the pharmacy! Firstly, such drugs are taken only as prescribed by the doctor, and secondly, the level of iodine can be adjusted by balanced nutrition, using iodine-containing foods.
  2. During pregnancy, the production of estrogen and progesterone decreases, and as a result - the metabolism in tissues worsens, oxygen starvation of cells occurs.
  3. Increasing during the growth of the fetus, the uterus leads to the veins of the lymph nodes being squeezed and the outflow of blood and lymph is broken - water-salt metabolism is disturbed in the tissues, fluid accumulates (edema appears), which contributes to the development of the cellulitis. After childbirth, as a rule, all functions are restored, and the body gradually comes back to normal. In addition, with the natural feeding of the child there is stimulation of the thyroid gland, due to which the number of fat cells is normalized.
  4. In the subcutaneous fat, the accumulation of fat is also increasing because it is an important energy resource for the body, because the supplies are now being spent not only on the mother's body, but also on the life-support of the fetus. In addition, the appearance of cellulite can also contribute to factors such as:

    • sedentary lifestyle,
    • malnutrition,
    • genetic predisposition,
    • close clothing.

    To avoid serious changes in the shape of the body, you need to carefully follow the measures for the prevention of cellulite in the early stages of pregnancy, and after the birth of the baby regularly carry out restorative procedures that can be done at home. When the first symptoms of the "orange peel" appear, one should immediately begin treatment, otherwise later getting rid of an unpleasant skin defect will be much more difficult.

    Symptoms of cellulite during pregnancy

    Determine the presence of cellulite is very simple, it is enough to conduct a kind of test: a small area of ??the skin (on the thigh) between the thumb and forefinger, slightly rolling it. If your fingers feel smooth skin, then there is no reason for worry. If the same feel (or it is noticeable even visually) irregularities - bumps (similar to the orange peel), then this is the first sign of the presence of cellulite. Cellulite during pregnancy develops in several stages, and each of them has its own symptoms:

    1. Skin lesions (abrasions, scratches, cuts) on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs heal more slowly.
    2. There is a thickening of the skin, and this is due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid.
    3. There are spontaneous (without bruises, strokes) bruises that indicate damage to the skin from the inside;
    4. Seals appear under the skin - "orange peel".

    Preventing Cellulite During Pregnancy

    If you have never had cellulite before pregnancy, then there is a chance to make sure that during the waiting period the child does not appear. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

    1. You have to fight with excess fluid in the tissues. So do not drink too much, watch the amount of liquid you use.
    2. Try as little as possible to consume salted, pickled and spicy dishes - they hold water in the body.
    3. Take 2 times a week non-hot baths with sea salt - this will increase skin tone and normalize the work of subcutaneous fat.
    4. A special complex of exercises for pregnant women (taking into account your term) is the minimum physical exertion that should be in this period and which will improve metabolic processes in the body without allowing changes in connective tissue. Classes are conducted in a comfortable, not restrictive movement of clothes and in a well-ventilated room.
    5. If possible, sign up for the pool. Water not only has a good massage effect on the skin, but swimming, in addition, also strengthens muscles and is useful for pregnant women.
    6. Eat right and rationally: exclude from your menu high-calorie food; avoid (or at least limit) flour, sweet, carbonated sweet drinks, desserts; Eat more vegetables, meat, fish, fermented milk products, citrus fruits.

    If you do not have a predisposition to cellulite, then such measures will help to remove his first unpleasant symptoms and will effectively combat his appearance during pregnancy.

    What to do if cellulite appeared during pregnancy?

    If you still missed the moment, when cellulite could still be prevented, and once they suddenly discovered this "nasty orange peel" on their hips or buttocks, do not be upset: there is still the opportunity to reverse this process and return to your body the former smoothness and elasticity.

    What not to do during pregnancy to get rid of cellulite

    There are a number of activities that you do not want to do during pregnancy if you want to get rid of cellulite:

    1. High heels can be the cause of this unpleasant body defect. Give up high heels. Shoes in this period should be comfortable (you can even half a size more, taking into account that by the evening feet can swell), stable and seasonal. In addition, a high heel - this is an additional burden on the spine, but it is not easy for him now.
    2. Anti-cellulite linen (pantyhose, shorts) creates a "greenhouse effect", and this will have a bad effect on the child.
    3. The underwear should not be squeezed, tugged or tight - it disrupts blood circulation and promotes the formation of cellulite.
    4. The warming creams, balms and other means of cellulite during pregnancy are better not to use (even home masks and wraps) - they contribute to increased blood circulation in the tissues, their heating, and this can provoke an uncontrolled rush of blood to the organs of small pelvis and harm the fetus.
    5. Traditional anti-cellulite, lymph drainage and hardware massage - all this will do after the birth, and now it is taboo. About massage belts and vibromassazhory also forget for the time being.

    What you need to do to get rid of cellulite during pregnancy

    And to get rid of the "orange peel" during pregnancy, you need:

    1. Pay attention to your food. Contrary to the common thought that during pregnancy a woman should eat for two, yet, you do not need to overeat. The food should be full and varied. Try to eat more foods that contain a lot of calcium and potassium (salad, fish, greens, cabbage, seafood, dairy products, lean meat). Vegetables, fruits and berries will become a source of vitamins and fiber, which, of course, is useful both for the health of the mother and her crumbs. Try to eat less and less often sweets, sweet fizzy drinks, smoked, salted, fatty. This will not only badly affect your figure, but it is not useful for the baby.
    2. Physical activity has always been useful for the harmony of the body. Move more, walk, walk in the fresh air. Very useful for pregnant swimming, aqua aerobics, yoga, special gymnastics for pregnant women, with fitball (exercises with a large gymnastic ball). Classes should be regular - 3-4 times a week. It is better to attend special groups for pregnant women in gyms, where the coach will pick up the exercises, based on your level of physical fitness and taking into account the period of pregnancy. During the classes do not overexert yourself if it's hard for you, and if there are any unpleasant feelings or violations, immediately inform the coach about it. Pregnant categorically prohibited jumping, weight training, exercises with vibration. For classes, choose a light and comfortable clothes that will not restrain movement.
    3. A contrast shower is just what will help pregnant women to fight cellulite on problematic areas of the body (anti-cellulite bath is now strictly prohibited). Take a shower for the whole body of a pregnant woman can not, so the procedure is only where there were signs of "orange peel." This procedure well tones up the skin and tightens it. During the shower, you can use a massage with a hard washcloth, which has a beneficial effect on the blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the skin, while eliminating excess fat deposits under it. Massing is needed from the periphery to the center, that is, from the limbs to the heart. To help the washcloth once or twice a week, you can use special scrubs for problem areas of the body or natural "scrubs" (crushed sea salt, sugar, soaking coffee grounds, semolina, honey). Massage should be in circular motions for 3-7 minutes. Complete the procedure for a contrast shower with cool water, and then carefully rub the problem areas with a towel.
    4. Anti-cellulite massage also has a good effect in fighting excess body fat (but not hardware!). Such massage can be done independently with the help of special anti-cellulite simulators. Cellulite during pregnancy is also treated with vacuum massage, which eliminates stagnation in the tissues and improves the circulation of lymph. To conduct it, you need to buy a special plastic jar in the pharmacy. The body is applied with massage oil or cream (for better slip), then the compressed jar (to release air from it) is applied to the skin and it sucks. Perform massage in circular movements, without delaying long in one place, so that a bruise (bruise) does not form. Such massage can be performed in the shower, but in this case, massage oil can be replaced with shower gel or liquid soap. The massage session lasts 5-10 minutes, while avoiding the abdominal area, as this can lead to the tone of the uterus.
    5. Cosmetics for the body - creams and gels after the shower - you need to choose carefully. Not any cream or gel sold in the retail chain, even specifically released for pregnant women, can be used. Before its application (and it is better even at purchase) familiarize with its structure. Some manufacturers neglect the fact, that the phyto-ingredients used by them (for example, hops, grapes, red clover, alfalfa, licorice) are contraindicated in pregnant women. For the elasticity of the skin is better to use products containing vitamin E, green tea, horse chestnut, calendula, seaweed - they will remove swelling and improve blood vessels. By the way, such tools will not only help in the fight against cystulitis, but also will prevent the appearance of stretch marks. A good anti-cellulite property is possessed by oils of ficus, orange and other homeopathic preparations. Some mummies use baby oil to care for newborns.

    Be healthy!

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