Cesarean section: pluses and minuses of the operation

Cesarean section: pluses and minuses of the operation

Many women expecting the birth of a baby decide to resort to the method of cesarean section, believing that such an operation will allow them to become a mother without painful and prolonged labor pain. We will not object, because such an operation is really carried out with anesthesia. But do not forget about the pain after surgery. They are much stronger than after vaginal delivery, and last much longer. Even with tears and incisions during natural labor, the pain is less than in the operating wound - this is a fact. In addition, the operation itself does not last as long as the usual birth, but the time it takes to restore the body after it takes not one or two hours, and sometimes several days.

Departure from anesthesia, healing of the wound on the abdomen, pain, recovery period after hemorrhage, the risk of infectious complications, problems with the arrival of milk, restrictions in movement, the prohibition to raise and take in the hands of the baby is not a complete list of the "difficulties" with which the woman in labor after cesarean section has to face. And even upon arrival, the new mother for several weeks can not independently take care of the newborn, so she has to ask for help from someone from her family. Needless to say, what is the psychological state of a woman in the womb that negatively affects her relationship with the baby?

The body does not receive a signal that the birth has passed, so a woman often feels the wrongness of what is happening. In addition, the uterus does not shrink as intensively as after natural delivery, especially if the woman does not feed the baby with the breast. An exception is planned cesarean section using epidural anesthesia. In this case, the woman is immediately given a baby for feeding, so the uterus is reduced normally, and breastfeeding has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of the mother. Speaking about the benefits of such an operation, it can be noted that after it does not stretch the vagina, there are no tears and stitches on the perineum, so problems with sex life after birth do not arise. In addition, the caesarean section excludes stretching of the ligaments and the omission of the pelvic organs, cervical ruptures, exacerbation of hemorrhoids and related problems. But still, it is better not to conduct such an operation without necessary indications.

Remember that the main task of cesarean section is to save the mother and child, but does not fight with fear of childbirth. For both mother and baby, the natural process is preferable. Therefore caesarean section should remain only asa medical operation conducted for certain indications. Among them are:

  • the impossibility of natural delivery or the presence of diseases that are a threat to the health and life of the baby and mother;
  • improper presentation of the fetus before birth, hampering the baby's exit;
  • cranio-pelvic disproportion, due to which the large head of the baby does not pass through the narrow pelvis of the mother;
  • prolapse of the umbilical cord. In this case, the baby at the output can transmit and block the access of oxygen;
  • detachment or placenta previa, increasing the risk of severe bleeding;
  • prolonged labor, accompanied by weak contractions and lack of progress in the disclosure of the cervix;
  • hypoxia, lack of oxygen;
  • the presence of chronic diseases of the genital tract, myopia, diabetes, kidney, lung or heart diseases;
  • Multiple pregnancy.

Now you know about all the advantages and disadvantages of having a baby by Caesarean section, so we hope that you will make the right choice.

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