Champagne during pregnancy

Can I drink champagne during pregnancy?

A glass of wine is not a reason for abortion

Usually a woman finds out about her interesting situation at a time of several weeks. And it happens that in a period when she did not know about pregnancy, she drank champagne and not only. Remembering this, the future mother, who decided to give birth, begins to regret alcohol and blame herself. Well, experiences are grounded. After all, experts have proved that champagne is the cause of fetal death, and when drinking alcohol, even low-alcohol beverages, developmental defects of the child are possible.

But this does not mean that the fact that you use champagne in a period of ignorance of pregnancy should lead to the conclusion of an abortion. Any pathology of pregnancy is formed in the case of regular use of alcohol. Nothing dangerous will happen if you have drunk champagne before. But having learned that a new life has arisen in your tummy, you should adjust yourself to a healthy way of life and care in everything.

Can champagne during pregnancy

Practice suggests that regular use of alcohol during pregnancy leads to the birth of children with mental retardation. There is such a thing as fetal alcohol syndrome. He is the main cause of congenital slow mental development. Such children are cripples in social adaptation and study.

If you clarify the therapists, what is regularity, then we are talking about the use of even low-alcohol drinks, beer twice a week.

In addition, pregnant women who drink while bearing the fetus, will long come in shape after giving birth. This is evidenced by practice. Gynecologists are strongly advised to refrain from any type of alcohol even in small doses during pregnancy. And if you just plan a pregnancy, then the future dad should give up alcohol. Experiments have shown that only one bottle of beer reduces the motility of spermatozoa by 30%. It's clear that this is also a reduction in the chances of getting pregnant.

More recently, it was assumed that a woman in the position could drink two glasses of beer in a week. Today, doctors of a different opinion: alcohol in miserable doses will affect the future child. And this can happen not immediately after birth, but in time. Psychologists state the connection between alcohol addiction in adolescence and the use of alcohol by a mother during pregnancy. So the conclusions are self-evident.

What to do during the holidays? After all, future mothers want not only herring and oranges, but sometimes champagne. If you really want, then 100 grams of natural wine can. Notice, natural, and not powdered with alcohol. It is desirable that it was a dry wine. But note that this dose is only allowed three times during the entire period of bearing the child.

Future moms should know that alcohol during pregnancy is the cause of stillborn children, premature birth, frequent toxicosis, delays mental development and reduce the child's intelligence. And today no doctor can guarantee that a small glass of wine will not affect the intrauterine development of your baby. If you want to give birth to a healthy child, from any alcohol, even champagne, you need to refuse.

You can always find an alternative. Why do not you buy children's champagne for yourself and your future child for the New Year? This, in fact, fruit juice with gas. Of course, this does not mean that you yourself should drink a bottle. But the holiday effect of sparkling beverage will be created!

So, champagne during pregnancy is undesirable. Only 300 grams for 9 months is the maximum dose of this drink that doctors allow. Yes, bear with me a little! A healthy child is worth it!

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