Cherry during pregnancy

Cherry during pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

The benefits of cherries for health

Vitamins and nutrients that make up this berry allow it to compare with strawberries. The cherry contains vitamins A, C, E, H, PP, B1, B2, B6, B9 (folic acid) and trace elements: fluorine and iron, iodine and magnesium, copper and phosphorus, zinc and sodium, chromium and manganese, sulfur and potassium, boron and rubidium, vanadium and cobalt. Especially this berry is rich in calcium. And although we need the listed elements in a minimal amount, but their deficiency is our aging and the catalysis of diseases.

In the cherries are tannins, fructose and glucose, starch, pectins. Present in their composition and coumarin, which reduces blood clotting and reduces the risk of thrombosis; ellagic acid blocking the growth of tumors; anthocyanins, which increase the tone of blood vessels and capillaries.

The high content of vitamin C in cherry is an increase in the body's resistance to diseases, that is, our immunity. By the way, this vitamin, like ellagic acid, kills cancer cells.

Research has shown, that the presence of cherries in the menu reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and lowers cholesterol.

The systematic use of these berries raises the general tone of the body, accelerates the metabolism. Cherry juice treats gout, because it helps to lower the level of uric acid.

Dried berries and frozen fruits are no less useful than fresh ones. The healing properties and effects on the body of frozen cherries are not reduced.

The benefits of cherries during pregnancy

During pregnancy, I really want to eat something sour, then sweet. Sometimes he pulls on cherries. But is it really possible to eat this berry to future mothers?

The fruit of cherry is a good source of folic acid, which is necessary for the healthy development of the future baby. Potassium in cherries helps prevent autoimmune diseases. The use of these berries increases the immunity of pregnant women, soothes pain in the joints, fights inflammation, maintains a normal level of glucose.

In a ripe cherry there is a lot of water, so it eliminates fatigue, gives energy, quenches thirst.

Another antioxidant - melatonin in its composition - helps to cope with insomnia. Cherry antioxidants not only protect the fetal nerve cells, but also have a beneficial effect on the brain of newborns.


Future moms need to be pointed, giving the soul a useful berries. In addition to the mass of useful properties, there are also risks when using it:

  1. In the cherry kernels contains hydrocyanic acid, which is a very poisonous substance. Therefore, swallow cherries with bones in any case impossible.
  2. Allergic reactions. Very rarely, but such side effects in pregnant women are observed. In this case, cherries can be replaced with peaches or green apples.
  3. Diabetes mellitus. Cherries are saturated with sugars, so pregnant women with diabetes mellitus are contraindicated.
  4. Stomach ulcer and inflammation of the duodenum are also contraindications to the use of berries.

So, cherries are useful in pregnancy. And if the bearing of the child falls on the "cherry" months, then there is a chance to enrich the body with vitamins, microelements. If you can not eat ripe cherries, then you can eat frozen. But be sure to consider contraindications and always consult your doctor if there is any doubt about the daily diet.

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