Chills during pregnancy

Chills during pregnancy

Chills in early pregnancy

Each woman reacts differently to the onset of pregnancy. More precisely, the reaction of each organism is individual. Some women in this case do not experience anything at all, they have no toxicosis in the early stages. Others immediately fall into anxiety, waiting for symptoms of pregnancy. And sometimes the waiting period turns a woman into a neurasthenic.

The third women after 6-7 days after conception feel malaise and weakness, fever or chills. This situation a little worries a woman, because in anticipation of pregnancy, she begins to assume that she has caught a cold. And what should she do next? Take antipyretic and anti-cold medications? To worry in such a situation early, because the above symptoms just can mean the onset of pregnancy.

How are these symptoms associated with successful conception? The optimum temperature for the existence of the fetal egg is 37 degrees. For this reason, before ovulation, the basal temperature of a healthy woman always rises. For such an increase, "responds" to the hormone progesterone. If conception has occurred - and pregnancy has come, the amount of progesterone in the blood grows instead of its traditional decrease in the period of menstruation. Accordingly, in some women, the body responds to this phenomenon not only by increasing the basal temperature, but also by increasing the body's overall temperature. That's where the symptoms of chills appear one week after conception.

For this reason, when suspicions of pregnancy should not immediately worry and drink tea, do inhalations and eat lemons to relieve the symptoms of an imaginary cold. Do not rush to be treated even by folk remedies! If chills and weakness are really signals of pregnancy, they will soon pass without any treatment, independently. But walks in the fresh air during this period will be very useful.

Frozen pregnancy and chills

Well, if everything is good and goes according to plan. But it happens that the chill is not a symptom of pregnancy. It is much worse if the chill is a manifestation of a frozen pregnancy. This is typical of pregnant women at a later date in the first trimester. About this pathology signal several symptoms at once. This is the cessation of toxicosis, if it manifested itself, a drop in basal temperature, the disappearance of swelling of the mammary glands. Such symptoms usually appear 3-4 days after fetal fading.

Chilliness occurs 2-3 weeks after pregnancy fades. It is the result of intoxication. Often, in this case, and there are spotting from the vagina. Of course, in this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Chills as a signal of a threat of pregnancy

If a woman shivered without the above symptoms of pregnancy fading, it is worth doing a detailed blood test. Perhaps the chill signals a micronutrient deficiency that can not be assigned to oneself.

Chilliness during pregnancy is often found in women who suffered before the onset of an interesting situation of vegetative-vascular disorders. This does not pose a particular danger, but simply requires medical advice. Be sure to monitor and blood pressure. Chills arise as a result of its increase. And this is a very dangerous symptom.

It happens that a chill appears in a woman who is just overwhelmed. This is not the best condition for a future mother.

In any case, at the appearance of chills a woman should not worry, but simply consult a doctor. Doing independent conclusions and prescribing treatment is not worth it.

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