Chills in early pregnancy

Chills without fever in early pregnancy

We hasten to reassure you: it is not worth worrying about the appearance of chills and panic. Even if it is not a sign of a pregnancy that has occurred, but indicates a cold, there is no reason for concern. Chilliness is considered a normal reaction in either case, since it makes it clear that there have been some changes in the body. If such a reaction is accompanied by a runny nose, a cough, then you can take an antipyretic.

Chills as a sign of pregnancy

As experts say, the optimum temperature for the existence of the fetal egg is the indicator of 37 degrees. Therefore, the basal temperature in a healthy woman before the onset of ovulation may increase slightly. This is promoted by the hormone progesterone.

When pregnancy occurs, the level of this hormone increases significantly in the blood. Therefore, sometimes a female body reacts to such changes by increasing not only the basal, but also the overall body temperature. That's why in the early stages of pregnancy, women feel a sudden chill. Typically, this reaction is observed long before the onset of the expected monthly, as the level of progesterone in the blood begins to increase after a week from the moment of conception of the child.

If you are faced with a similar phenomenon, you understand, that in the past menstrual cycle you had an unprotected sexual intercourse, then do not rush to drink antipyretic drugs to fight the imaginary illness. If the chills and weakness testifies to the onset of pregnancy, then such symptoms very quickly pass independently, without additional influences. The best assistants in this situation will be short walks in the fresh air. If weakness does not allow you to go outside, then ventilate the room thoroughly or sit for 15 minutes on the balcony.

In what cases is the appearance of chills an alarming sign?

Unfortunately, sometimes situations are possible when the sensation of cold indicates not about the pregnancy that has come, but about the fading of the fetus. However, it is important to note that this condition is characteristic of later terms of the first trimester. Besides, To testify about such pathology there can be several signs at once. These include a sudden cessation of toxicosis, the disappearance of swelling of the mammary glands, a sharp decrease in basal temperature. And such signs appear after 3-4 days from the moment of fetal fading. The very chill comes about due to intoxicated. In such a situation, a woman needs urgent consultation with a doctor.

Another alarm signal of chills during pregnancy may be a lack of trace elements in the body of a woman. In addition, a constant sensation of cold affects future mothers with vegetative-vascular disorders. Such a state of a certain threat does not represent, but still it would not hurt to see the doctor.

Quite often a chill appears with an increase in blood pressure and is a rather dangerous symptom, especially during pregnancy. He can also testify that the woman was worried. That's why it's so important to stay calm during pregnancy and not to panic ahead of time.

If you are slightly concerned about the current situation and can not understand what the chills are related to, the best solution is to consult a specialist. An experienced doctor will always listen to your complaints and help to cope with the excitement. Well, if this symptom says that a new life has arisen in your body, then we have to congratulate you on an incredibly happy event!

Take care of yourself!

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