Chips during pregnancy

Can I eat chips during pregnancy?

About the production and composition of chips

Most consumers believe that the chips are made from potatoes. People think that it is thinly sliced ??vegetables, fried in a special way. Since we consume fried potatoes often, it means that even in the case of the addition of flavorings there is nothing wrong with the chips. This is what most consumers think.

But in fact they are wrong. Most manufacturers of such popular products use corn flour and a mixture of starches as its basis. Often this is soy starch, made from genetically modified soy. It is converted into glucose in our body. If its excess accumulates in the liver, then this is the direct path to obesity. And you should also know that the dough obtained by mixing the above ingredients is fried in boiling fat. In this case, it is used not one or two times, which leads to the accumulation of carcinogens in the chips. Fats for frying chips tend to use cheap and untreated. After all, frying the product on refined oils is simply unprofitable, as well as taking for the basis natural potatoes of good quality. It is cheap components that provide chips with low cost. And the availability of the product is the basis of good sales. It is also provided by the original taste. In the chips for this, sodium glutamate is added. The peculiarity of such an additive is that it causes addiction in a person. Delicious food you want to buy again and again. This is what the manufacturer needs. To increase sales of such products, today they are issued with various additions. But notice that on the packaging they write not "chips with crabs, bacon, cheese & hellip; ", But clearly indicate" chips with a taste of crabs, bacon, cheese & hellip; ". This indicates that natural additives there and does not smell, that is, only flavorings are added.

In addition to such an additive, glycidamide was also found in the product during the studies. This substance can cause the appearance of cancer tumors and destroy DNA.

Hydrogenated fat, which accumulates in chips, contributes to the formation of "bad" cholesterol. He, as is known, leads to atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, other diseases.

Chips are so abundantly saturated with fat during the cooking that, after enjoying a small sachet, a person consumes about 30 grams of fat, which exceeds the daily recommended rate. But in fact often one bag of chips is not limited to & hellip;

Pregnancy and chips

During pregnancy, especially in the early stages, a woman's taste may change drastically. If before the onset of the "interesting situation" she did not like salted at all, then during this period she can very much want such products.

Their first danger in pregnancy is an excess of salt. It inhibits the healthy growth of the musculoskeletal system of the unborn child, while the mother causes thirst, increased stress on the kidneys, metabolic disorders. Outwardly this is manifested by edema.

If we talk about the frequent and even regular use of such a product by a future mother, this is evidence of an irresponsible attitude to the health of the future baby. And even if the woman by nature has strong health, there are no chronic diseases, the systematic use of salty foods leads to an increase in blood pressure, the appearance of allergic reactions in the fetus in the future.

Chips in large quantities are harmful to any healthy person. When carrying a baby, such a danger increases at least twice. And especially such imaginary delicacy is dangerous in the first trimester of bearing a fruit. After all at this time in the womb of the mother all the organs of the future child are formed, the systems of his organism. Does a woman want a toddler born with allergies, with weakened immunity?

Of course, sometimes (for example, once a month) pamper yourself with a small package of chips you can, but it's better to do it from the second half of pregnancy. Even a small risk can lead to negative consequences and deterioration of the well-being of the future mother.

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