Chlamydia and pregnancy

Chlamydia in pregnancy - symptoms, treatment, consequences

The main consequences of the activity of chlamydia in the body of a future mother are:

  • a natural interruption of pregnancy or its fading in the early stages;
  • Severe toxicosis;
  • inflammation of the inner membrane of the uterus;
  • inflammation of the amniotic membrane, in which there is a difficulty in feeding the baby, which affects its development;
  • the development of anemia (anemia);
  • polyhydramnios;
  • the risk of premature birth;
  • birth of premature infants (in 50% of cases);
  • the birth of children with lesions of the mucous membranes of the eyes (in consequence can develop into conjunctivitis) and the lungs (pneumonia develops).

A woman with a clamidiosis often infects them and the baby in the womb, or during childbirth, when the baby passes through the birth canal. Chlamydial infection is very dangerous for newborns, as it can cause changes in almost all organs of a small organism and even cause death.

Diagnosis and drugs against chlamydia during pregnancy

The chlamydia that have developed in the body can manifest itself by secretions from the vagina and the soreness of the internal sexual organs, cystitis, pyelonephritis, inflammation of the cervical canal and appendages of the uterus, conjunctivitis, inflammatory processes in the joints, damage to the circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems.

Timely diagnosis and treatment can protect a woman and a child from complications that occur with unnoticed and untreated clamidiosis. Therefore, it is worth checking the presence of such infections in the body even at the stage of pregnancy planning, and if it was not done - in its early stages.

Treatment of chlamydia during pregnancy is complicated by its ability to combine with other venereal infections. In addition, as a rule, the immune system of a pregnant woman is weakened and uncertainly resists such microbial unions. Therefore, we must prepare for a long and serious fight against infection.

To begin with, a qualified doctor will conduct a conversation with you, which will result in the determination of the list of necessary tests for the diagnosis. The questions will be of an intimate nature, but you should understand that only truthful answers on your part will help the doctor successfully cure the infection.

When examining and taking a smear, you may experience discomfort associated with inflammation of the genitals.

In some cases, it may take a lot of analysis to make a diagnosis, so be patient. In addition, the analysis must take both sex partners, since the treatment of one is ineffective and leads to a re-infection.

Treatment of chlamydia is a long process, but extremely necessary. Your help to the doctor will significantly increase the chances of an early recovery.

During pregnancy, antibiotics that do not have a significant effect on the fetus are used in the treatment, and also drugs that prevent the development of dysbiosis and support the woman's immunity are selected. Treatment terms are set at a minimum, aimed at preserving the fetus without causing harm to it.

The result of your patience and trust in the doctor will be the birth of a healthy baby. And for this it is worth fighting.

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