Chocolate during pregnancy

Can I eat chocolate during pregnancy?

About the benefits of a sweet product

The opinion about the usefulness of chocolate during pregnancy is based on several of its virtues:

  1. It contains flavonoids. These are substances that have natural antioxidant properties. They slow the aging of the body and its cells.
  2. There are endorphins in chocolate, the so-called "happiness hormones". Not in vain after eating a small amount of product, the mood improves, the body appears warm. Good mood is important for expectant mothers.
  3. The components of the product are vitamins, useful for pregnant women. It's about the vitamins of Group B. There are also calcium, potassium, fatty polyunsaturated acids.
  4. A small amount of caffeine in chocolate helps a woman keep her body toned. It does not harm the baby with moderate use of the product.
  5. According to the research, the reasonable use of chocolate during the period of bearing the baby promotes the healthy intrauterine development of the child, the formation of a stable emotional state.

Harm of chocolate during pregnancy

The main argument against using a popular treat is that it belongs to the category of allergenic foods. That is, its use during childbearing can provoke the development of allergies in the future. It is scientifically proven that the components of chocolate release histamine from the cells of the female body. It is this substance that suppresses allergic reactions.

The product itself is a strong allergen. Therefore, a future child, whose immune system is weak, and his mother are at risk. It is not necessary to discount this risk, especially in cases when members of the family have a tendency to allergies. Then the use of the mother of chocolate can give impetus to its development in crumbs.

As for caffeine in chocolate, if a woman will often and in large quantities consume a treat, she will thus lead to arousal and her nervous system - and the baby in the womb will be restless.

And it's worth considering that this product is high-calorie. If it is a question of women inclined to completeness, who gained excess weight in the period of gestation, then they really do not need such a dessert.

There is another negative property of chocolate, which can worsen the general condition of a pregnant woman: it provokes constipation. Many pregnant women and without it suffer such a problem, especially on the latest terms. Therefore, exacerbating the situation with a delicious treat is not worth it.

Is it possible or impossible chocolate for future mothers?

As you can see, the product really has its "pluses" and "minuses". And this should be taken into account by pregnant women. Therefore, make categorical conclusions that the product for the period of bearing a child should be forgotten, it is not necessary. If it is a question of the first trimester of the term, a small piece of dark chocolate will help to cope with the depression, which often affects future mothers.

Nutritionists recommend giving preference to black, not milk chocolate, and good quality, with a cocoa content of not less than 78%. Do not eat a product with additives. Today, the possibilities of the confectionery industry make it possible to combine chocolate with many other components. But often in the tiles are just flavoring and flavoring. And these ingredients are of unnatural origin, they certainly do not need future mothers.

As for other delicacies with chocolate, pregnant women should also avoid them. Sweets, cakes, cakes, wafers, other chocolate sweets do not need to be used by future mothers. The exception is home-made desserts using natural cocoa.

So, sometimes a pregnant woman can pamper herself with a small piece of dark chocolate as a dessert. Observance of the measure and reasonable approach to the use of delicious treats will help to avoid negative influence on the well-being of the baby and his mother.

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