Chronic tonsillitis and pregnancy

Chronic tonsillitis and pregnancy

In particular, many troubles pregnant women are given chronic diseases. It is regrettable, but during pregnancy some of them are aggravated. In this article we will talk about chronic tonsillitis. How to behave with this disease during pregnancy?

Chronic tonsillitis is characterized by a sore throat and this painful woman will feel all nine months. Unpleasant sensations in the mouth are due to the fact that the tonsils take attacks of tonsillitis on themselves. Because of the constant pain in the throat, some women simply do not treat this disease, but this can not be allowed if you want to give birth to a healthy child.

Yes, it would seem, a slight pain in the throat can affect the course of pregnancy. And the harm is inflicted not only on the future mother, but also on the fetus in her womb. In particular, some doctors note that chronic tonsillitis in some cases leads to a miscarriage on the early lines. Also, the presence of tonsillitis is fraught with late toxicosis, which negatively affects the child. Because of this disease, even intrauterine infection of the fetus is possible.

The fact that chronic tonsillitis weakens immunity is also undeniable. As a result, the body of a pregnant woman easily lends itself to other unpleasant diseases. Many clinical studies also suggest that tonsillitis in chronic form is the cause of premature birth and mild labor. Therefore, before the birth, doctors decide that such women give birth by Caesarean section. If tonsillitis can not be actively treated during pregnancy, one of the heart defects can form.

About the main symptom - pain in the throat - we already told you, but pay attention to other symptoms. This is a slight increase in body temperature, general weakness, dry cough and foreign body sensation in the pharynx. If you have already noticed these symptoms, then consult a doctor and treat tonsillitis even before pregnancy. Then there will be no danger for you or the child.

For proper treatment, we recommend that you contact an experienced practitioner. If you have to treat tonsillitis during pregnancy, pay attention to the drugs that you will be prescribed. Remember that the use of drugs when bearing a child should be justified.

Treat tonsillitis mainly with drugs such as Lizobakt in the form of tablets for resorption and Tantum Verde in the form of a spray. They are considered to be good anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents.

During pregnancy, sometimes for the treatment of tonsillitis even antibiotics are prescribed so that streptococcus activity is not manifested. It happens that experts say the benefits of using dietary supplements (dietary supplements). With their help, you will accelerate the process of recovery and strengthen the immune system in general.

Watch your own health before pregnancy!

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