Clexane during pregnancy

Clexane during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Composition and benefits of berries

Cranberry is an evergreen plant. It is a shrub and spreads on the ground. Cranberries grow in Europe, Asia, northern countries. The most valuable berries contain in their composition glucose, ascorbic acid, citric, chlorogenic, ursolic, benzoic organic acids, iodine, pectins, flavonoids, glycosides. As you can see, the variety of ingredients makes berries a useful additive in the diet of any person. In fact, this berry is a natural antibiotic, but also safe in comparison with medications.

Cranberry helps to activate the brain, improves the functions of the digestive system. It is recommended to be used as a means of preventing urolithiasis, pancreatitis, dyspeptic disorders.

The dignity of cranberries is that it can be stored for a long time. And this property is ensured by the content of chlorogenic and benzoic acids. They allow the berry to stay fresh for a long time without heat treatment.

Cranberry improves the tone of blood vessels and serves as a means of preventing cystitis, avitaminosis, pyelonephritis, varicose veins when carrying a child. It reduces the symptoms of heartburn, speeds up metabolic processes.

How does berry relieve swelling during pregnancy

Very often, the future moms change the hormonal background, as a consequence, there are disorders of tissue metabolism in the body. The pathology of the lower half of the body and face is manifested. More often this happens in the second half of pregnancy, when the fetus is actively growing and the woman is gaining weight. Correct the processes of metabolism, remove from the body excess fluid helps cranberries. It will eliminate swelling of the tissues, because it has a diuretic property.

The advantage of such a natural remedy for edema is that it contains potassium, which is excreted with the liquid when a person uses diuretic drugs of chemical origin. That is why cranberry mors can be used as a remedy against swelling in the bearing of a child. It also refreshes, tones, quenches thirst.

Many gynecologists advise pregnant women to drink a liter and a half of cranberry juice to prevent swelling every day. Of course, you have to be prepared for the fact that you also have to walk to the toilet after drinking such a drink more often. Therefore, in the evening, cranberry juice should not be drunk, at least three hours before bedtime.

So, the fruit is prepared in this way. Take 300-400 grams of berries, wash them, turn the wooden tolkushka into puree. Squeeze the juice out of this gruel. Squeeze pills with a liter of water and bring to a boil. After 30 minutes strain, add 150-170 grams of sugar. When such a drink completely cools, pour in it the pre-cooked juice of cranberries. All stir and drink a little.

Like many other products, cranberries have a number of restrictions in use. Since the berry in large quantities contains vitamin C, capable of leading the uterus in the early stages, it should not be taken in during this period. But usually in the first trimester, women do not threaten swelling.

To eliminate them in the third trimester of bearing a child, you can simply drink cranberry juice in the amount of glass a day or consume 400 grams of fresh berries. However, do not do this on an empty stomach, so as not to injure the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.

Store cranberries recommended in cold water or freeze. Long-term heat treatment of berries destroys their medicinal value. Therefore, jam from cowberry, although tasty, but to eliminate puffiness is not suitable. Moreover, in late pregnancy it will only promote weight gain.

Cranberry during pregnancy also serves as an excellent means of fighting colds, anemia and cystitis.

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