Clostilbegit and pregnancy

Klostilbegit in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

Today, Klostilbegit is widely used in the treatment of the inability to become pregnant due to the absence of ovulation. And, nevertheless, one should always remember: before, how to give preference to this or that drug for the treatment of infertility, you should initially pass all the tests to clearly know exactly where the treatment is required. This applies to Klostilbegita, which is appointed only after a thorough examination and the establishment of the only possible reason for not pregnancy - the lack of ovulation.

The task of Klostilbegit is to activate the growth of the follicle, from which the egg will then emerge, ready for fertilization. Klostilbegit is appointed individually by the attending physician, who sets the dose depending on the hormone assays that were given in advance. By taking the drug is shown for 5 days, treatment continues, usually from the 5th to the 9th day of the menstrual cycle. During the stimulation of ovulation by Klostilbegit, its action is controlled by ultrasound, the first session of which is usually carried out a week after the start of stimulation.

If ovulation from the first cycle during stimulation with Klostilbegit does not occur, the drug is reused at the same dosage for the next 3-6 cycles. In addition, the dosage of the drug can be increased in parallel - with each subsequent cycle. If, even in this case, ovulation does not occur, a second examination is prescribed.

If the pregnancy takes place against the background of taking Klostilbegit, it happens that it is not common in the cycles that receive the drug, but in breaks between the courses. Or even after several courses of admission, the maximum number of which, by the way, should not exceed 6 in all life. This fact is explained, that in large quantities and with prolonged admission, Klostilbegit can cause hyperstimulation, and it, in turn, often causes the formation of cysts. In addition, the effect after taking Klostilbegit lasts several years, which means that all this time there will be hyperstimulation, which leads eventually to hyperfunction of the ovaries. Since the stock of eggs in the body of a woman is organic, the consequences of hyperfunction can be exhaustion of the ovaries and the early menopause. At the same time, the correctly chosen dosage and duration of treatment, such unfavorable results, practically excludes.

But the long-awaited pregnancy as a result of stimulation by Klostilbegitom may occur. The probability of conception against the background of taking the drug is approximately 10-13% per treatment cycle. In this case, age, causes of infertility, other drugs used in parallel with Klostilbegitom. After 6 courses of reception Klostilbegita chances increase even more - up to 30-60%.

In the annotation to the drug, a woman is immediately warned: as a result of treatment with Klostilbegit, pregnancy and twins are possible. Multiple pregnancy can really be a consequence of the use of Klostilbegit: the birth of twins ends with 5-10% of pregnancies that occurred when taking the drug. But there is no danger for gestation and development of the baby Klostilbegit does not represent. At least, today there is no valid evidence that the drug can trigger the birth of children with abnormalities.

As already mentioned, treatment with Klostilbegit should occur exclusively under the supervision of a specialist. Being on treatment with this drug, it is also necessary to monitor the function of the liver, and at the end of stimulation to restore its normal functioning. Otherwise, the risk of developing severe toxicosis or late gestosis during pregnancy is significantly increased.

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