Cold before delivery

Cold before delivery - what to do?

About treatment of cold

Extremely careful should be the future mother, who senses the symptoms of the disease on the eve of the birth of a baby. It is contraindicated in most drugs, which therapists usually appoint to patients with symptoms of acute respiratory disease, influenza, and acute respiratory infections. The main criterion for choosing symptomatic therapy is safety. The drug should be allowed when carrying the baby.

To ease the signs of rhinitis, the expectant mother before the delivery can use vasoconstrictive drops Nazivin, Naphthyzinum, Halozolin. You can bury them only once or twice a day, no more! It is recommended that the above drops be used only in the acute stage of the disease, when the discharge from the nose is abundant. If the cold does not give the woman a strong discomfort, then these drugs should not be used. And the reason is, that all vasoconstrictive drops negatively affect the placental blood flow. On the eve of childbirth, when the fetus is already fully formed, and it needs a lot of nutrients and oxygen, such drugs can lead to hypoxia.

If a woman is worried about severe pain in her throat, then local antiseptics are allowed. It is recommended rinsing with a solution of chlorhexidine, furacillin. As a rule, antiseptics immediately relieve the pain in the throat, they eliminate microbes, soften the mucous membrane. It is not necessary to abuse such rinses. But infusions of chamomile or marigold for rinses can be used in unlimited quantities. Gargle with such funds future mother can every hour, always before bedtime.

As for antipyretic drugs, then do not use them at body temperature up to 38 degrees. If it goes off scale, which is rare in practice, then antipyretic drugs should be used. And in this case it is recommended to use Paracetamol. A good effect produces raspberry jam. The old grandmother's method will be appropriate and safe in this case. Do not use Aspirin to reduce the temperature. This medicine provokes miscarriages, premature birth. Also, during the cold before giving birth, women are not allowed to take antibiotics.

As for therapy with homeopathic medicines, they should not be used during this period. The same goes for immunomodulators. Appointment of medicines of this category can only the doctor-immunologist after the examination of the pregnant woman.

The main recommendation in the treatment before delivery is not to tolerate a cold on your feet. Rest and bed rest should be observed for at least 2-3 days. It is also important to drink more fluids if there is no swelling. Suitable for this tea with lemon, chamomile. And the drink should be warm, so as not to irritate the throat.

Pregnant with a cold should always be warm, walk in warm socks. Contraindicated in anticipation of childbirth are baths. It is also forbidden to put mustard plasters.

Do not ignore catarrhal diseases before the baby's birth, because the usual malaise can go to sinusitis, bronchitis, sore throat.

About preventing colds during pregnancy

The main recommendation for a future mother is the observance of a healthy lifestyle and the rejection of bad habits. It should not be supercooled. Clothes and shoes must be worn for the season. Good protectors against infections are ascorbic acid and retinol.

During the epidemic of viral diseases, expectant mothers should drink more, eat garlic, onions, lemons, use aroma lamps with eucalyptus, citrus, fir oils.

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