Cold on early pregnancy

Cold on early pregnancy

The cold, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, is a treacherous thing. To treat her while staying in an "interesting" position is not so easy. And all because of the fact that a number of drugs used in "simple" life are contraindicated for pregnant women.

But what should I do? To be treated that somehow it is necessary! Now is the time to call grandmother and find out from her a couple of folk recipes. But do not forget to also visit the doctor, because self-treatment in your situation is simply unacceptable!

Medical workers, referring to statistics, argue that the usual acute respiratory disease, as a rule, does not threaten the health of the unborn child. But this does not mean that it does not need to be treated.

Nevertheless, among the "chickenpox" colds in the early stages of pregnancy are noted: inflammatory processes of internal genitalia, heavy birth, early discharge of amniotic fluid and bleeding, lack of oxygen and a lot of pathologies in the child. If a woman in the first trimester suffered a viral disease, the child can be born with a central nervous system lesion. By these messages, we are in no way trying to intimidate you and put you in a state of stress! After all, if you are informed, do not allow the disease, otherwise - you will clearly know how to act, and trouble will bypass you. Confirmation to this is the long experience of mothers, who in early terms could not be saved from cold, but gave birth to strong kids.

So, first listen to your body and observe what symptoms you have. Coryza? Increased temperature? Cough?

How to deal with the common cold, we described in detail in the article "Coryza in the early stages of pregnancy." Here you will be helped by washing the nose with a solution based on sea salt, instilling menthol oil, rubbing the temporal lobe with an asterisk, and hot hands.

If your throat hurts, you can rinse it with infusion of chamomile, sage, marigold, oak bark. Do not damage inhalation with the addition of baking soda, as well as oils of menthol, chamomile, eucalyptus. You can wrap your throat with a warm scarf and wear woolen socks, with dry mustard stuffed in there beforehand. Rinses and inhalations are allowed.

When a cough is recommended a plentiful drink that will ease the condition: dilute sputum and help them to move easier.

Immunity in pregnant women is usually reduced, so often colds pass without a rise in temperature. At the same time, do not forget that its slight rise in early terms is normal. More information about this can be found on our website in the material "Normal temperature in the early stages of pregnancy." If the increase in body temperature is significant, and the doctor is sure that the reason for this is a disease, then it is necessary to take measures. The doctor, knowing about the position of the woman, prescribes sparing medicines, a plentiful drink. It is perfectly permissible to wipe the body with water with a weak solution of vinegar.

If you are not sick, but reading information for informational purposes, then you will not be prevented from learning about preventive measures that prevent the disease.

Be sure to walk. In this case, dress according to the weather: you are contraindicated both by hypothermia and overheating. If you are going to a place of a large crowd (shop, metro, bus, movie theater, etc.), lubricate the nasal passages with oxolin ointment. During seasonal epidemics, try to limit contact with people. If someone is ill at home, all the same "oxolin" and vitamins will come to the rescue (but they should be prescribed by a doctor). It will not hurt to call on allies garlic and onions. Eat them in food. You can also arrange the apartment on plates, pre-cut into cubes. Regularly ventilate the apartment. Drink plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, at home, you can prepare an excellent immunostimulant. To do this, grate the horseradish root on a small grater and mix it with sugar in equal proportions. Then put on the infusion for twelve hours. After this, gently strain through gauze and take the resulting juice every hour on a tablespoon.


  • Not all medicinal herbs are useful in pregnancy, and some are strictly prohibited.
  • You can not soar your feet!
  • You can not actively vitaminize. Not all vitamins now will be useful.
  • With a plentiful drink (for this purpose, a warm green tea or tea with milk, a broth of rose hips), watch the volume of liquids drunk and allocated.
  • The use of alcoholic tinctures and medicines is strictly forbidden.

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