Color pregnancy

Color pregnancy - signs, Is it worth worrying and what are the causes of the phenomenon?

Because not all women will know about the conception that has taken place with the delay of menstruation. In some of them, critical days are coming treacherously, as expected, every month on time. And at this time in the womb a new life develops & hellip;

This "phenomenon" is called "ablution of the fetus" or "colored pregnancy." This is a situation in which the monthly go on schedule, despite the onset of pregnancy. They may not be as abundant or lengthy as usual. But often a woman does not observe any differences, so she does not know about her new position. Symptoms of pregnancy, if present, are rather weakly expressed to attract attention.

Here many can attack me, that "color pregnancy" is a clear sign of the threat of interruption. This is the "diagnosis" and put the doctors in the masseuse and especially the uterine bleeding, if the pregnancy is already known. And if the allocation is abundant, then this can also indicate the development of an ectopic pregnancy. In any case, it is necessary to pass a survey to find out the cause. Therefore, if you are pregnant and observe such discharges - you need to contact a doctor immediately!

But one thing, if you start the blood suddenly, when you are already aware of the events developing within you, it's quite another matter when a woman does not even know about the conception that has taken place. By the way, this happens quite often, as many might think. About 20% of all pregnancies are "colored". And it even happens that only shortly before the birth the expectant mother will know about this (slightly bulging belly is perceived as a slight increase in weight, and sluggish perturbations - like intestinal peristalsis). There are even known cases when already grandmothers gave birth to children for this "color" reason.

Most often, menstruation during the "color pregnancy" is over by 3-4 months. Although, as already mentioned, they can continue from cycle to cycle throughout the gestation period.

So, dear ladies, the most popular and early sign of pregnancy - the delay and the absence of another menstruation - is not necessarily the forerunner of your new position. Be more attentive to yourself. And if there is a suspicion of pregnancy, but critical days continue as if nothing had happened or are "somehow wrong", it is better not to test fate and spend another time gynecologist.

If your suspicions are confirmed - you are pregnant, but the monthly continues to go and neither you nor the baby is threatened - be absolutely calm. "Color pregnancy" proceeds, as well as any other: at whom it is quiet and unobstructed, at whom it is serious and difficult. But ablution has nothing to do with it.

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