Complymitis in pregnancy

Complymitis in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Complymitis in pregnancy: indications for use

As a rule, Complitv vitamins are prescribed by a specialist as prevention and treatment of hypovitaminosis, and also if the organism of a pregnant woman should be filled with a deficiency of minerals. In addition, the vitamins of Complivit are often prescribed for health promotion during the period of pregnancy planning and the intensification of milk production during breastfeeding.

Composition of vitamins

This preparation contains a full complex of micro- and macronutrients compatible with the period of pregnancy. In 1 tablet of the drug Complivit contains a daily rate of all the necessary vitamin and mineral complexes, therefore, taking a pill in the morning, you will charge your body with energy and vivacity for the whole day, until the evening. Vitamins Complivit fully meet all the needs of the "pregnant" organism in the basic vitamins and minerals, which allows you to improve your well-being and ensure optimal development of the intrauterine fetus. In addition, vitamin Kuplivit taken after delivery, during breastfeeding, as this drug contributes to the production of milk. Composition of vitamins Complivit is:

  • Vitamin E - has an antioxidant effect, has a positive effect on the function of the gonads, it has a beneficial effect on nerve and muscle tissue.
  • Vitamin A - plays a crucial role in the regenerative processes of the pregnant woman's body, promotes the normal development of the placenta, increases the growth of embryonic bone tissue, participates in the construction of visual pigments, regulates the growth of bones.
  • Vitamin B1 - produces carbohydrate metabolism and provides optimal functionality of the nervous system, which is very important during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B2 - helps to improve the vision of the future mother, and also takes a direct part in developing the visual mechanisms of the baby's future.
  • Vitamin B6 is the most important component for the restoration of pyridoxine reserves in the body of a pregnant woman.
  • Vitamin B12 - is involved in the development of epithelial cells, the normal growth of hematopoiesis, better absorbs folic acid.
  • Vitamin PP - optimizes all processes of tissue respiration, participates in the processes of fat and carbon metabolism.
  • Vitamin C - is necessary to maintain the structure of cartilage, bones and teeth. Promotes the formation of hemoglobin, improves immunity, prevents inflammatory reactions.
  • Folic acid is a necessary component that prevents the development of defects in the future baby in the early stages of pregnancy, including the defect of the maxillofacial cavity.
  • Manganese has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents osteoarthritis.
  • Iron and copper will help strengthen the walls of the vessels and provide them with oxygen. In addition, the anticipation of the development of anemia.
  • Zinc is necessary for the formation of the skeleton of the future baby, the regeneration of tissues, as well as in the formation of hormones, including insulin. Reduces the likelihood of fetal abnormalities.
  • Calcium and phosphorus are substances that are necessary for the formation of bones and blood clotting.

In conclusion, we recall that the vitamin complex should be prescribed only by the doctor, in order not to provoke an allergic reaction or side effects in the body of a future mother. so you can not independently prescribe yourself a course of vitamins.

Take vitamin Kuplivit during pregnancy 1 tablet every morning, after eating, drinking a glass of clean water.

That's all you need to know the pregnant woman about the Vitamins of Complivit. Therefore, armed with knowledge, consult your gynecologist about taking this medication and be healthy!

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