Compression stockings for delivery

Why do I need compression stockings during birth

You can hear or read about the fact that all doctors necessarily recommend pregnant women to wear compression stockings for childbirth or to bandage their legs with elastic bandages. In fact, future mothers will learn about such adaptations and their advantages for the most part from girlfriends.

Compression underwear is designed to protect the feet from excessive loads, as well as to prevent and treat diseases and complications associated with the condition of veins and vessels. Most often, the indication for wearing such clothes is varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. Compression socks, stockings and tights are recommended for the prevention of the appearance of a vascular network, asterisks, edema, seizures, a feeling of fatigue and tension in the legs, as well as in the pre- and postoperative period. Depending on the indications and the expected effect (therapeutic or prophylactic), the specialist assigns one of the four degrees of compression. Pregnant compression stockings are usually used during pregnancy and childbirth, but if the future mother has problems with the veins, the phlebologist must prescribe her compression underwear on an individual basis. The consultant at a pharmacy or a specialized store will help you find the right size.

During pregnancy, compression knitwear will do you a good job: such stockings not only facilitate the bearing, but also help to avoid many probable problems. But even if during the whole period you did without stockings, it makes sense to buy them specially for birth.

Compression stockings in a special way create and distribute pressure on the vessels of the legs, weakening to the upper part. That is, in the gastrocnem zone it is maximized, and to the hips is gradually reduced to a minimum. This contributes to better blood flow and prevents stagnation of blood in the vessels, stretching of their walls and their ruptures during labor, which is an excellent prophylaxis for the appearance of venous network, tubercles and varicose in the postpartum period.

Compression stockings for childbirth will serve you after the birth of a child, especially since they look great and worn. During pregnancy it is better to choose stockings from a natural cotton thread. All of them are made without seams, special weaving, so that they are not squeezed anywhere, do not cause discomfort and let the air in. However, high-quality stockings marked with a mark RAL (such meet the world standard) differ - pay attention to it.

Wear compression stockings for birth is not easy, so it is better to "outfit" at home before going to the hospital - then maybe not before. It's good if someone from your family helps you. If there is no one, then do not despair: midwives help everyone.

Of course, compression stockings will not give you a one hundred percent guarantee that after giving birth you will not have varicose or other complications with veins and legs, but many times increase your chances of a positive outcome. Nevertheless, not everyone sees in them expediency. Some believe that if there is a predisposition, then no stockings will help, and vice versa. However, over time, compression underwear is increasingly used not only during pregnancy, but also in childbirth, as well as after the birth of a child.

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