Computer and pregnancy

Influence of the computer on pregnancy and childbirth?

It should be noted immediately that direct evidence of the negative impact of computer radiation on the future mother and the fetus does not exist. A computer monitor is indeed a source of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. But such radiation is not able to cause mutations in human cells or to provoke changes in the genetic apparatus, as do radioactive and ionizing radiation. Thus, it can be argued that the computer can not cause any obvious harm to the baby in the womb of the mother. But this does not mean that you need to spend all your free time at the computer: prolonged work behind the monitor can cause headaches, pain in the eyes, dizziness.

Doctors recommend nevertheless to limit the time of sitting at the computer during pregnancy. And it is explained by a number of objective reasons. First, you should take care of your eyes. The fact is that during the bearing of the child, the state of vision and so on can worsen due to significant changes in blood circulation. Often, pregnancy is accompanied by changes in the fundus, the occurrence or progression of myopia. The long-term impact of the monitor, in turn, can only aggravate the problems with eye health. Therefore, it is recommended not only to limit the time spent working at the computer, but also to adhere to a few simple rules. So, it is desirable to purchase anti-glare glasses - they will not only keep their eyesight, but also reduce the likelihood of a headache. A good solution is to purchase a liquid crystal monitor, the harm from which is much lower than from a monitor with a cathode-ray tube. It should also reduce the number of views on the monitor when typing, and the light source is located on the left: work exclusively with the light from the monitor gives the strongest load on the eyes.

Long sitting at the computer during the carrying of the baby is contraindicated also because it can limit the flow of necessary oxygen to the fetus. So, during pregnancy, most of the blood rotates in the uterus and pelvic organs, and a constant sitting blood supply worsens. Thus, the inflow of blood to the fetus decreases, and the baby receives less oxygen and the necessary nutrients. Also during pregnancy, the load on the spine increases. A pastime at the monitor, and even in an uncomfortable position, the load on the spine further increases. Another consequence that can be provoked by prolonged sitting is hemorrhoids. Therefore, the correct posture and regulated time of work at the computer become a necessity for a pregnant woman. You should choose a comfortable adjustable armchair, and the monitor should be located below eye level, so as not to work at the computer with the head up. Work on the computer should be limited to 45 minutes, after which each time you need to take a break of at least 10-15 minutes. It is also necessary that there is a free space under the work table - so you can stretch and relax your legs. In the intervals between work, you can resort to easy gymnastics, warm-ups, or perform exercises from yoga for pregnant women.

It must also be remembered that a pregnant woman shows unhurried walks with the intake of a maximum of oxygen into the body. Such regular walks after working at the computer can remove the irritability and nervous tension that arise in the pregnant woman as a reaction to a prolonged sitting in front of the monitor. The normal mental state of a woman in a position is no less important than a physical one. Therefore, a walk through the park should be for a pregnant woman who deals with a computer, the norm.

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