Conception by the lunar calendar

Conception of the child according to the lunar calendar

But not such a simple matter is the conception of the lunar calendar. There are a lot of mismatches and "inconsistent" which for some reason women do not notice and stubbornly search in the Internet for lunar calendars for the current and next year and mark the days when it is possible to conceive "the right child". Yes, yes, it is necessary, because the lunar calendar offers favorable days for conception and bad, when it is necessary to refuse from conception. And it depends on the Moon, what kind of character and destiny will befall your future, yet not born and not conceived baby.

Astrologers from a long time with the help of the Moon could also plan the sex of the child. The moon in Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Capricorn promises you to conceive a girl. But if you want a boy, then conceive it when the moon is in the remaining signs.

It turns out that the "fertility" of a woman also depends on the moon, or rather on the lunar day in which a woman was born. In other words, calculate the phase of the moon on your birthday, and in the same phase your body will be the most "ready" for effective conception. A simple example, you were born on the new moon, it means it was in the new moon and plan the conception of the baby. But it is here that the first "nasty contacts" appear. It turns out that the days of the new moon and full moon fall into the black list of the lunar calendar for conception, so if you were born in these "unfavorable days", the chances of conceiving a child decrease.

Lunar calendars also help "order", well, or anticipate, the character and destiny of the future baby. So, the children, conceived in the new moon, are vulnerable, sensitive, unadapted to the surrounding world. On the full moon, on the contrary, they are restless, too emotional, impulsive and mobile.

Moon calendars of conception offer whole characteristics of lunar days, that is, the children conceived these days. For example, the "pet of fortune" should be conceived on the 28th lunar day. Such a child is light and cheerful, and his adult life is full of embodied ideas and plans without much difficulty and perseverance. And if you conceive a baby for the next 29 lunar day, then it will be a difficult and difficult life. This day is considered the most unfavorable for conception. So how then "order" a "pet of fortune"? It is well known that after ovulation the egg is ready for fertilization and retains its ability for two days. And the sperm "get" to it also can not on the first day. And on the 28th lunar day you are sure that you conceived the "favorite of fortune", and the same fortune from you can turn away, and the sperm will meet with the egg in 29, an unfavorable for conception, lunar day.

I do not argue that intelligent astrologers and healers, as well as women, living on the lunar calendar, will find many reasons for their amazing and effective theory. And they will be happy to believe! And print out the lunar calendar of conception, and hang it in a conspicuous place, and draw a red marker with the desired date, and "order" the husband to appear at a certain place and time, and the conception of & hellip; And the baby will be born, and he will grow up a strong spirit man, and live a long life, and perhaps devote it to God (if the conception occurred on the first lunar day) & hellip;

But, fortunately, most women in a prominent place hangs an icon of the Mother of God, or Matronushka Moscow & hellip; And the woman prays to God and asks her to send her a baby. And there will be conception, because the Moon is governed by the Higher Power & hellip;

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