Concor in pregnancy

Concorus during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Concor preparation is prescribed for patients with chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease. The active substance of this drug is bisoprolol. It reduces the need for myocardium in oxygen, reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Sometimes the drug can affect the exchange of glucose and smooth muscles of the arteries and bronchi. A single application of this medication can give short-term relief during the day.

For adults, Concor is prescribed according to the scheme. If the patient only begins treatment with the drug, the recommended dose is half a tablet a day, then you can take 1 tablet (5 mg bisoprolol fumarate) per day. Doses of Concor are selected for each patient individually, taking into account the propensity to allergy, tolerability of the drug and the presence of chronic diseases. Usually the course of treatment with this drug is long.

You should know that 98% of it is excreted by the kidneys, 2% of the dose is through the intestine: The elimination period lasts up to 12 hours.

The drug is available in the form of coated tablets. Its producers are Austria and Germany.

What is the danger of pressure during pregnancy?

Very often during pregnancy, women have high blood pressure. Experts of the World Health Organization state that up to 20% of all pregnant women suffer from hypertensive conditions. In Russia, hypertension (AH) is typical for 7-29% of women in the situation. AH during pregnancy is the main cause of maternal mortality. It is also the cause of premature birth in 15% of pregnant women.

Pregnancy, lactation and Concor

One of the drugs for treating hypertension for expectant mothers is Concor. But you should know that its use is allowed only in cases, when the expected benefit for the pregnant woman prevails over the risk to the fetus. The effect of this drug on pregnancy has been studied insufficiently. But it is precisely known that the action of Concor reduces blood flow in the placenta, thus adversely affecting the development of the future child. That is why when prescribing this medicine, you need to regularly monitor blood flow in the placenta and uterus, monitor the development of the fetus. If there are undesirable symptoms or intolerance, the doctor should prescribe an alternative therapeutic treatment.

When a pregnant woman is treated with a drug in the third trimester of pregnancy, then 3 days before the expected delivery period, the drug is recommended to stop taking the drug.

In case of reception of Concor, the pregnant child after birth should be carefully examined. The newborn can experience symptoms of bradycardia and hypoglycemia. This manifests itself in the first three days of the baby's life. In this case, a set of therapeutic measures is appointed by a neonatologist.

The active substance of Concorina bisoprolol in breast milk is not secreted. However, taking this medication while breastfeeding is not recommended. If it becomes necessary to take this medication with a woman giving birth for the lactation period, the doctors recommend temporarily interrupting breastfeeding.

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