Cones under the arms after birth

Cone under the armpits after delivery - what is it and how to treat it?

In this article you will find answers to the main questions: what can it be, and what should be done?

What can it be?

In fact, there are a lot of reasons that can provoke the appearance of the cone under the armpit, so any compaction in the chest that causes discomfort is a serious reason to immediately consult a doctor. But do not panic yet: mothers are not stressed. Before a visit to a specialist, you can still assume that it is not so in the body and why the bump has appeared. The most common reasons are:

  • Milk stasis (lactostasis). Since most of the cones are found after the milk has arrived well (3-4 days after delivery), the main reason can be called stagnant milk, because it is in the first days of "milk flows" that the crumb does not manage to overpower such a quantity of food, so milk is delayed in the source ducts. If some lobule of the milk duct becomes blocked with a fat droplet, for example, and the outflow of milk is broken, then peculiar condensations - cones are formed. They appear in different areas of the breast, but most often in the armpit due to improper attachment to the chest, or rather because of feeding the baby in one position - while sitting, then the axillary lobe of the chest is emptied worst of all.
  • Mastitis. In fact, this disease occurs against the backdrop of stagnant milk, and many women even a small compaction in the area of ??the breast are already called mastitis. With such conclusions it is not necessary to hurry, because mastitis is a serious inflammation of the mammary gland against the background of the multiplication of harmful microorganisms, primarily staphylococci and streptococci. This disease manifests itself not only cones under the armpit, but also a deterioration in overall health (increased body temperature to very high marks, general malaise, weakness, the release of curds from the mammary gland, or even pus, etc.).
  • An inflamed lymph node. As you know, the lymph nodes are the basis of the immune system, and their increase always signals a malfunction in the body. There are many reasons: from a common cold and to a cancerous tumor, therefore, especially in the postpartum period, inflamed lymph nodes should not be ignored by the armpit. As a rule, such "bumps" are painful, most often have a reddish hue and some swelling.
  • Additional lobule of the breast. This pathology occurs quite often, mainly due to genetic disorders at the stage of embryo formation, but the woman may not know about her "peculiarity" until one day the baby itself will give birth. After childbirth, when milk comes to the breast, an additional build-up is also filled in, which means it becomes more noticeable and noticeable. In some cases, near the cone there is a peculiar pimple, which was previously not paid attention, but it turns out to be a nipple, and during lactation it can even sprinkle with milk. In any case, only a doctor can confirm or deny the presence of this pathology.

A cone under the arm can testify about other problems: a furuncle, an inflammation of the sweat gland, a benign or malignant tumor, etc. But do not get scared, let alone make your own diagnosis. The only thing that is required is to immediately consult a doctor.

How to treat?

Do not tire of repeating and recalling: if the armpit felt for a bump - it should be immediately shown to a specialist. The sooner this is done, the better. On the question of how to treat, the doctor should respond after the reasons for its appearance have been established.

What is required of a woman:

  • First, and most importantly: make an appointment with a doctor.
  • The second: to express the breast until it is completely emptied (if it is milk stagnation, it should be relief in a few hours).
  • Third: as often as possible to put the baby to the chest, so as not to aggravate lactostasis.
  • Fourth: for each feeding change the position and position, so that the chest is emptied evenly.
  • Fifth: if the baby does not suck out all the milk, then additionally after feeding to express both breasts (in the presence of cones under the armpits).
  • Sixth: all the time to do a light massage (but do not rub or knead too much).
  • Seventh: do not wear uncomfortable underwear that crushes, especially in the armpit.
  • Eighth: constantly monitor the temperature of the body.
  • Ninth: to observe the cones, fixing their size, color, soreness and other changes.

All these activities should be enough, if the problem does not sit too deep, and the cause of cones is the stagnation of milk. Some women recommend simple folk ways to ease their condition:

  • After each feeding, apply fresh cabbage leaf to the cone for several minutes (30-40).
  • Honey compresses and fat-free kefir or cottage cheese relieve pain and swelling.
  • Alcohol rubbing also relieves the pain, but it is important to dilute the alcohol with water to avoid burns.

However, all these folk ways can not only not improve, but also exacerbate the problem. Some mammograms in general categorically against any compresses, much less alcohol rubbing, and even in the period of breastfeeding. Nevertheless, the testimonies indicate that "postpartum cones" are usually treated simply: by decanting and cabbage. Whatever it was, but it's about the health of not only the mother, but also the baby, so still a doctor's consultation is vital. Well and the main thing: in any situation it is worth keeping calm.

Strong to you health, and let all the troubles bypass!

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