Consequences of cough during pregnancy

Consequences of coughing during pregnancy

If you are in a similar situation and you are visited by similar thoughts, then to begin with, calm down. Even with care, to take out a baby, without getting sick once, few people succeed. But start to act only when you notice the first signs of a beginning cold. At the initial stage there is enough warm abundant drink and a warm bed, that is a full rest. So if you were frozen this morning or in the clinic you were suspiciously coughed, immediately drink tea with honey and lemon (if, of course, there is no allergy) and fall asleep a little.

If the disease still overwhelms you - start the fight without waiting. Remember that this is not the time for self-treatment. Even "harmless" folk methods must be coordinated with your doctor before you apply it in practice. Try to find in the very beginning effective for yourself ways to ease the condition. After all, various symptoms of colds during pregnancy have their own specific consequences.

In general, cough itself is not so bad. It is a natural mechanism for cleansing the bronchi from mucus, blood, pus or larynx - from dust and other particles. But for a pregnant woman, of course, there is nothing good in a systematic cough - this should be treated.

Some consequences of coughing during pregnancy, future mothers begin to feel right away: at the moment of coughing, the abdominal wall, and with it the uterus, is quite tangibly strained. Repeated coughing attacks, especially frequent and prolonged, lead the uterus into a state of increased tone, which in the early stages is threatened with miscarriage, and in later terms - premature onset of labor.

Due to the high tone of the uterus, the admission to the fetus is impaired (that is, its supply of oxygen and nutrients is disturbed), which in the future threatens the development of intrauterine hypoxia. Frequent dry cough during pregnancy can lead to placental abruption and almost always raises blood pressure, which is also undesirable for a future mother.

Since cough is just a symptom, it accompanies the disease. It is the disease in which a cough appears during pregnancy, and is fraught with a major danger. Cough can be a manifestation of ARVI, bronchitis, pneumonia, gastric diseases, ear inflammation, thyroid dysfunction, allergies, nervous tension and even sexual infection! None of these conditions can be called favorable for bearing a child. So if you started coughing, then you need to find out for what reason, and together with the doctor to overcome it.

Perhaps you are coughing because of the mucus that accumulates in the nasopharynx. To eliminate cough in this case, an integrated approach will be required. This is mainly effective cleansing and moisturizing the nasal passages, calming the cough center, moistening the air, drinking plenty of water. Do not forget that there is a fundamental difference between a dry and wet cough, and in both cases, the tactics will differ. The consequences can also be used for cough remedies, the choice of which during pregnancy should be treated with extreme caution.

Another consequence of coughing during pregnancy can be vomiting caused by an attack. Often recurring precedents can lead to dehydration and loss of nutrients. What can we say about the feeling of fatigue and weakness due to insomnia at night: cough during pregnancy gives a lot of discomfort and even pain.

Of course, some significant effects of cough during pregnancy can only be said when the condition is neglected, when a cough due to a serious illness remains untreated. Once again I repeat that a special risk in pregnancy is a prolonged debilitating paroxysmal cough. But, as a rule, future mothers react promptly and begin treatment on time. You do not wait for the deterioration, right? So, everything will be fine! Remember that the consequences of nervous experiences have not been canceled. Thank God that everything was just a cough - this is not the worst! Be healthy!

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