Consequences of ectopic pregnancy

Consequences of ectopic pregnancy

One of the most frequent and most dangerous pathologies for a woman's reproductive health is an ectopic pregnancy. The fetal egg for subsequent proper development should be attached to the wall of the uterus. However, it happens that it is attached in a completely different place and entails a lot of unpleasant consequences. Given the location of the fertilized cell, the following types of ectopic pregnancy are distinguished: tubal, ovarian, cervical, abdominal. There are many causes of WB infection: inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, obstruction of the fallopian tubes due to the presence of adhesions, hormonal disorders, numerous abortions, etc. Treatment of an ectopic pregnancy involves surgical removal of the fetal egg. The consequences are very unpleasant, according to statistics: repeated ectopic pregnancies, inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, infertility.

But although statistics and a stubborn thing, it is quite realistic not to get into it. There are many cases, when after an ectopic pregnancy, women safely gave birth to healthy babies.

And the psychological spirit plays a significant role here. Women who survive ectopic pregnancy, very often feel fear of the onset of a new pregnancy. They are catastrophically afraid of repeating the same situation. And after all, science has proved that if a woman can not relax during the conception period, then all internal muscles contract (the uterus and her tubes, including). Because of this, a fertilized egg is much harder to get to the uterus itself. Here you have a psychological factor.

Therefore, even with the most gloomy predictions, one should not lose courage. In the end, we live in the 21st century! You will become a mother with IVF (in vitro fertilization).

However, in order not to fear the enemy, you need to meet him in person. In our case, this meeting is nothing more than information about possible consequences.

It all depends on what ended the ectopic pregnancy. There are several most common options.

  • Untimely diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. There are times when a fertilized egg itself stops developing if it is implanted outside the uterus. Although it happens very rarely. Most often, if a woman does not suspect a pathology, then the place in which a fertilized egg develops until a certain time is broken. This, in turn, leads to internal bleeding, which can sometimes not be diagnosed. From the great loss of blood, a woman can die.
  • Removal of the fallopian tube. If there was a rupture of the fallopian tube because it could not withstand the pressure of the fetal egg (after all, its walls are less elastic, and the tubes themselves are narrow enough), then, most likely, the tube will have to be surgically removed. But even with one remaining pipe, a woman can favorably take the next pregnancy with the proper preparation and compliance with all the doctor's instructions. However, most often after removal of the tube, a repeated ectopic pregnancy occurs. It is necessary to delete and another. After this, the natural onset of pregnancy becomes impossible.
  • Retention of the uterine tube. Thanks to laparoscopy in our time, it is possible to preserve the uterine tube, removing a fertilized egg from it. However, doctors argue, what is really better for a woman. One side, the risk of repeated ectopic pregnancy in the same tube increases, and on the other - the percentage of infertility decreases.
  • Medication "treatment" of an ectopic pregnancy. In order to stop the growth of the fetus, to provoke its death and gradual resorption, a woman may be prescribed a drug Methotrexate. He just needs to eliminate ectopic pregnancy in a conservative way. However, this drug is very harmful to the body. Its side effects can cause other serious illnesses. Yes, and there are many contraindications for its use. In any case, it is FORBIDDEN NOT to appoint it yourself!

The most favorable outcome is the timely diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and its elimination at the earliest possible time. Therefore, your main task: listen and get accustomed to the state of their health. Symptoms of the WB are as follows: severe sharp pain in the lower abdomen, increased pallor and sweating, dizziness, bloody discharge. But sometimes it happens that these symptoms testify to the rupture of the uterine tube. Therefore, nevertheless, as often as possible, go to the gynecologist. Using the method of palpation and ultrasound, a vaginal sensor determines an ectopic pregnancy in the first weeks.

Ectopic pregnancy is not a verdict or ban on the joy of motherhood. However, you should be patient. After all, it will be much harder for you to get pregnant normally again. Doctors believe that the subsequent pregnancy should be clearly planned not earlier than in a year. During this time, you must conduct a series of studies, cure all your sores, to establish and eliminate the cause of the emerging ectopic pregnancy. And most importantly - to rest, forget all bad things and believe in oneself.

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