Consequences of impetuous childbirth

Consequences of impetuous childbirth for a child

Among the causes of rapid delivery are the genetic pathology of myocytes, high excitability of the nervous system, metabolic disorders, the presence of gynecological inflammatory diseases. Separate rapid delivery, which is caused by rhodostimulating drugs, is also singled out separately.

But do not think that fast delivery is good. The consequences of such a process can be very unpleasant, both for the mother and the baby:

  • injuries of the soft tissues of the birth canal, rupture of the uterus body. In this case, excessive bleeding can occur. Such births result in an operation;
  • divergent pelvic bones in the region of the lone articulation, there may be a pain syndrome. Treatment after childbirth continues for a month and a half;
  • Premature detachment of the placenta occurs. This is very dangerous for the mother and fetus, it is necessary to urgently conduct cesarean section;
  • because of the hyperactivity of the uterus, placental blood flow is disturbed and oxygen starvation of the fetus is observed;
  • Sometimes it is necessary, under intravenous anesthesia, to manually separate the placenta or its remains;
  • Much bleeding may occur in the first 2 hours after the birth of the child.

After a swift delivery, unpleasant consequences can also appear for the baby:

  • if the toddler does not have time to complete the turn after the birth of the head, the shoulders are born in an oblique size, trauma of the clavicle and humerus is inevitable;
  • hemorrhages may occur under the periosteum of the bones of the skull;
  • intra-organ hemorrhages may appear;
  • injuries of the spine are possible;
  • In the worst case, cerebral circulation is disturbed and brain cells die due to spasm of the brain vessels. This is life-threatening or causes disability.

It happens that rapid delivery can go without any consequences for the mother and child. The whole process is strictly individual.

If the first birth was rapid, then with subsequent doctors recommend that women in advance of the expected date of delivery go to the hospital. To normalize the birth activity during the birth of the baby used drugs, which relax the muscles of the uterus and slow the delivery. During labor, it is also necessary to regularly monitor the child's palpitations.

Easy for you to deliver!

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