Contractions at second birth

How do contractions begin at the second birth?

About harbingers of repeated genera

The main difference between them can be that everything happens faster. The precursors of the second birth can be more pronounced. Because prenatal processes are already familiar to the female body. And if a woman does not remember her previous experience a little, then the reproductive system will quickly remind her about it.

The main precursors of the early births are abdominal depression, the removal of the mucous plug, training fights, digestive disorders, an unprecedented surge of energy, the outflow of amniotic fluid.

Dismissing the plug before the second birth does not always happen in advance. And if the primipara woman can not notice or confuse it with vaginal secretions, then the experienced mother will determine the slimy tube immediately. Her departure does not indicate that active labor will begin on the same day. It starts after the discharge of the amniotic fluid.

Contractions in the second pregnancy can be more intense, fleeting. Training or false fights can now be confused with generic, because they are also stronger. Signs of real labor during the second pregnancy from the first do not differ. They are characterized by regularity, increasing strength, shortening the interval between them.

The future kids to their mother always give signals before coming into the world. But if an inexperienced woman can not hear them, do not recognize them, then the wise woman will understand that the child is ready to be born. So, a few days before childbirth the baby ceases, as if it is in a state of suspended animation. But on the eve of childbirth he becomes overly active. So the crumb declares that it is time for him to be born.

As for the disorders of the stool, the first-born often think that they have poisoned themselves by eating something stale. Pregnant second, third and subsequent children know, that in this way the intestine is cleaned, preparing for the appearance of a baby.

Sudden withdrawal of water at second birth occurs more often than at the first, when the integrity of the amniotic fluid is broken by the doctor or if it breaks during labor. In case of repeated pregnancy, the outflow often occurs in the absence of other precursors. And this is already a sure sign that the fights will begin within an hour.

Peculiarities of the onset of contractions in miscarriages

Many mothers remember how doctors and midwives bustled around them at the first birth, trying to speed up the delivery. But at the second birth the staff of the maternity hospital can act with accuracy to the contrary, trying to delay the rapid generic process.

Obstetrical statistics states, that the second birth occurs twice as fast as the first, which lasts an average of 10 hours. That's why the fights at the second birth are more intense, and the break between them is reduced faster. This reduction is dangerous for the baby and his mother. It threatens with the severance of the birth canal. A child can fall through the wide part of the head in the pelvis of the mother because of the overgrowth of the lower part of the uterus. Therefore, noticing the first precursors of childbirth during a repeated pregnancy, a woman should not massage the lower back, finish the housework. You must lie on your side, put a pillow between your legs, take the phone and immediately call an ambulance or tell your husband that you urgently need to take her to the maternity hospital.

The rapid onset and course of repeated delivery is a normal phenomenon. But not always the second childbirth and contractions with them will be stronger. If between the first and second births a woman has passed about ten years, then her body could simply "forget" about how to behave and prepare for the appearance of crumbs to light. The uterus "does not remember" how to act, the cervix opens slowly. So, with a large gap between genera, the latter may be even more prolonged than the first. Therefore, gynecologists advise giving birth to a second baby 5-6 years after the first.

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