Contractions before delivery

How to understand that labor before labor began?

When do they start? What are their symptoms? Is it a fight at all? How to recognize them and what to do? Let's try to answer these questions.

Already a fight?

Most of all the process of giving birth is afraid of "the first-born." And, as a rule, the increased nervousness of a woman increases pain. Negative emotions and panic can only harm the process. Less think about it and are not afraid of labor - it will be easier to give birth. In addition, there are specially developed techniques that allow you to muffle pain during fights.

Sometimes contractions are false. They are called training, and they can start from the 20th week of pregnancy. Naturally, such fights also cause unnecessary discomfort. But they are almost painless, irregular and short-lived. The tension of the uterus during such fights is removed by walking or by taking a warm (but by no means hot) bath.

Contractions have their own character in every woman. Some feel aching pain in the lower back, passing on the stomach and pelvis. Others note that during fights the uterus seems to harden, and you can feel it by applying your palm to your stomach. But even these signs can mean fisticuffs.

The stages of fights

If the fights are real, then:

  • they occur regularly;
  • grow gradually;
  • increase with time.

First they arise after a long time. Then the contractions become more frequent, and the pain intensifies. Therefore, there are 3 stages of contractions.

First, The latent stage lasts about 7-8 hours with the duration of contractions of 30-45 seconds. They go with an interval of 5 minutes, and during this stage the cervix is ??opened at 0-3 cm. The active stage lasts about 5 hours, the bouts last about a minute, and their frequency is 2-4 minutes. At 3-7 cm during this time, the cervix is ??opened.

The transition phase is the shortest. It lasts up to an hour and a half. Contractions last up to one and a half minutes, and the gap between them is significantly reduced. The cervix in the transitional stage is revealed at 7-10 cm.

In the second birth the fights and their stages are much shorter. Therefore, they say that it is easier to give birth to a second child.

What to do with bouts

It is important that the woman was not alone during the beginning of the bouts. After all, the most important thing at this time is calmness and support. It is necessary to occupy a comfortable position and fix the intervals between contractions, their duration. It is desirable to record all this. If the contractions are short, and the interval between them is 20-30 minutes, then until delivery is still far. But it was time to collect things in the maternity ward and call an ambulance. It's good to take a warm shower at this time. And when the breaks between contractions decrease to 5-7 minutes, then you need to go to the hospital.

In general, do not delay the trip, because water can go away and earlier. At this time, you already need to be under the supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist. When the waters have moved home, you can not take a shower or a bath, as this can provoke the development of infectious complications, bleeding, placental abruption.

Facilitating fights

The main and proven way to alleviate pain is right breathing. At the onset of a fight, you need to concentrate on exhaling. You have to imagine that pain comes out with the air. Of course, the parturient women groan, scream in the battles, and this alleviates their pain. The correct breathing should be learned in advance and trained. After all, in a prenatal stress state, a woman forgets everything.

And the mother can relax with a massage or an ordinary stroking of a loved one. At the onset of fights, it is desirable to massage the lower back. At the same time, a woman can stand or sit on a chair.

Lumbar massage is a good adjuvant, because the sacral nerve from the uterus passes through the lower back to the spinal cord. Excellent, if the husband will be present at birth, helping a woman in such a difficult time.

What is important is the psychological mood of the woman in labor. In between breaks between fights you need to rest, because the intense expectation of the next bout makes you even more tired.

Contractions are a normal, natural process through which all women pass. You are strong and you will succeed! In any case, you need to be ready for pain, but to know that this is the last stage of the important mission of the birth of a long-awaited baby.

In any case, you need to be ready for pain, but to know that this is the last stage of the important mission of the birth of a long-awaited baby.

In any case, you need to be ready for pain, but to know that this is the last stage of the important mission of the birth of a long-awaited baby.

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