Contractions during pregnancy

Contractions during pregnancy - how to distinguish between false and real?

What are contractions?

Generic contractions - involuntary contractions of the uterus, having their own periodicity. If a woman has contractions, then soon the baby will be born. Cases are caused as a result of the development of specific substances (for example, prostaglandins and hormone oxytocin). Each battle always has both a beginning and an end. The period between contractions is painless. At this time, the woman's body rests and prepares for the subsequent hard work. With the onset of true birth pains, the cervix opens, which is tightly closed during the period of gestation. Full name is the opening at 10-12 cm (in diameter). When the period of expulsion of the fetus begins, attempts are added to the fights. By the way, a pregnant woman needs to know that contractions are uncontrollable mothers, and attempts, on the contrary, it can delay or intensify.

False or true?

The closer to the expected date of delivery, the more often a woman feels unaccustomed cramping pains or abdominal tension. But such fights are not periodic and do not signal the beginning of childbirth. Thus, the body trains before an important event, and fights are called "harbingers" or "false". Harbinger can appear after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

However, if the contractions begin, and until the birth is supposedly only 2-3 weeks, if they are accompanied by the removal of the mucous plug or the discharge of amniotic fluid, gather in the hospital. The closer to "hour X", the stronger and more prolonged the contractions, and the less the period between them.

How to behave during fights?

  1. Relax. As soon as you feel that the fight has begun, relax the body as much as possible, especially the stomach. Do not tighten and in any case do not bite your lips. Try to watch your face and do not strain it.
  2. Deep breathing. Correct breathing allows you to transfer the fights much easier and help the kid, because additional oxygen is now very necessary for him.
  3. Do not scream. Believe me, this is completely useless. So you will not relax, but only exacerbate the pain and waste your energy.
  4. Move. This makes it possible to accelerate the process of opening the uterine throat. In other words, this will significantly shorten the time of delivery. You go. Dance. Slide your hips while sitting on the ball for the fitball.
  5. Massage the lower back. Ask your husband or someone else to give you a gentle massage of the lumbar region. It will help.
  6. Obey the medical staff. People working in maternity hospitals are so well aware of their business that it is worthwhile to listen to their advice. Then you can be sure that everything will be fine.

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