Contraindicated herbs during pregnancy

What herbs are contraindicated during pregnancy?

Especially cautious should be women who have a child. Some, at first glance, harmless herbs can cause spontaneous abortion. If you become pregnant, in no case do not have to self-medicate or be very careful with the use of some herbs and dues.

Breaking the normal course of pregnancy can:

  • Aloe - is prescribed to stimulate immunity;
  • barberry - occurs in anti-anemic gatherings;
  • oregano - used in the gastrointestinal, pulmonary-bronchial, sedative collections;
  • lovage - occurs in expectorant, diuretic and analgesic charges;
  • buckthorn - heals stomach ulcers;
  • ergot - once used in gynecological practice. It is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy, because it is poisonous;
  • Tansy is also poisonous, increases the tone of the uterus and blood pressure;
  • rhubarb - used as a laxative and cholagogue;
  • parsley curly - is included in the fees for the treatment of cholelithiasis and urolithiasis.

Of course, there are herbs, which help get rid of a number of unpleasant symptoms during the gestation of the child, but it is better in the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid most of them. If you can not do, choose only those that have a soft effect, for example, chamomile or ginger.

Especially doctors recommend to be careful with any Chinese herbs. The fact is that they are little studied by the Slavs and all the more they do not know their effect on the pregnant woman.

Remember that many herbs can be more dangerous than any medications. When the doctor appoints you a medical product, he knows all the possible contraindications and hangs them up. And the herbs have never been tested on pregnant women and no contraindications, even if you buy them in a pharmacy, you will not find. In addition, you can not know, where these or those herbs are collected and whether they have mold, insects or toxic substances on them.

In addition to those medicinal herbs that we listed above, pay attention also to echinacea, ginkgo and ginseng. Recently, there has been a strong demand for these collections, but consider that their impact on the female body that the baby carries is not studied. Therefore, you are at great risk when you choose these herbs for treatment or prevention.

Separately, you need to pay attention to those herbs that in the future can develop an allergy in the child. It is a forest strawberry and a three-parted string.

Some herbs can be harmed, even with thoughts of good. For example, taking sea kale, there is a risk of overdosing iodine. Also using a large amount of sorrel sour and spinach garden, can break the formation of bones in a child.

Many pregnant women due to the increase in blood volume may have problems with coagulability. Therefore, you should be careful with herbs, because many of them activate thrombogenesis.

Any experiments during pregnancy are simply unacceptable. Self-medication is best dealt with when it comes only to your health. Now you are responsible for one more life, so take care of taking herbs during pregnancy!

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