Contraindications in pregnancy

Contraindications in pregnancy
  1. Alcohol is the most important ban for a pregnant woman. Do not give in to the persuasion of others that a glass of beer or champagne does not hurt. In fact, alcohol, even in small quantities, is dangerous in pregnancy, because it can lead to a syndrome of alcoholization of the fetus. Since the critical dose of alcohol is uncertain until the end, it is hardly worthwhile to risk the health of the baby.
  2. Drugs are completely contraindicated in pregnancy. And we are talking about so-called light drugs, such as hemp. If a pregnant woman continues to use drugs (even once!), then the development of vices in newborns is possible. With regard to strong drugs, morphine or heroin leads to miscarriage or in the future, the baby may develop neurological diseases.
  3. Smoking tobacco. Remember that tobacco has a vasoconstrictor property. This greatly affects the fetus, and the baby lacks nutrition.
  4. Sports during pregnancy. In principle, there are no contraindications for sports in the first trimester of pregnancy. You can safely continue training. However, in late terms, such loads should be severely limited. The fact is that as a result of the active action of progesterone, the muscles and tendons become more sluggish. That's why there is a big risk of falling and getting a fracture. First and foremost, doctors recommend not to engage in scuba diving and diving. At the same time, just swimming and walking are an excellent choice in your condition. Remember that during pregnancy excessive physical activity can provoke bleeding and the threat of miscarriage.
  5. Sunbathing. Many gynecologists to pregnant women are strongly advised to limit their stay in the open sun and swimming in water. This is because of the temperature drop can lead to miscarriage.
  6. Food. It must be right. First of all, you need to exclude salt from the diet. It detains fluid in the body, this subsequently leads to swelling of the extremities. It is also better not to use spices and seasonings that increase appetite and dry mouth. Then a big increase in weight is possible.
  7. Medicines. Basically, they are contraindicated, so during pregnancy carefully monitor your own health. The main thing is not to get sick, because any drug treatment and intervention can lead a future baby harm. Also, in no case do not self-medicate.
  8. Sexual relationships. Most doctors recommend not having sex during the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, the fetus is only fixed in the uterus and begins its slow development. Sexual relations are contraindicated in the subsequent stages of pregnancy, if bleeding and incomprehensible spotting are subsequently caused.
  9. Cosmetic procedures. You can not do some types of massage, electrophoresis, laser therapy, take a cold shower or go to a sauna or a bath.

In addition to these, general contra-indications, there are individual prohibitions, which your doctor will tell you after the tests. However, do not take pregnancy as a burden. Together with the prohibitions, there will be many opportunities. You will soon give a new life, and this is the best gift for any woman.

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