Corn during pregnancy

Corn in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

A bit of history

It's interesting to know that corn became popular 12,000 years ago and got its vocation thanks to Columbus. Since then, corn began to be sown not only in America, but also in Russia. And the first harvest of corn was collected already in the 17th century. To be fair, we note that at that time corn was different from modern, because its cobs reached only 4 centimeters in length.

The use of corn for the body

Cooked corn is not only delicious, but also very useful product, since in the cultivation and fertilization of the soil, corn cobs do not accumulate any chemical substances. Based on this, we can conclude that for pregnant women, this product is also very useful, because it refers to environmentally friendly products.

In one corn cob there is a huge amount of vitamins: A, E, H, B4, as well as zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium. Moreover, the peculiarity of this grain culture is the fact that even after heat treatment, the shell of grains is not destroyed. And even if we take into account the fact that corn is a high-calorie product, it still remains an indispensable product due to its nutritional value. The fact is that corn contains starch, which helps to "build" muscle fibers, that is, it can completely replace sports nutrition for athletes.

Corn is recommended as a dietary supplement for diseases such as gout, nephritis, epilepsy and liver disease. Well, corn porridge - just an indispensable product for a growing body. Starch, which allows you to build muscle mass, is also necessary for the nervous system.

Well, one more fact: corn kernels contain pectins that have antitumor properties.

In folk medicine, corn is also quite popular. This grain culture is used to prepare medicines from many "sick". And everything is useful - from the stigma and ending with the cob. Corn helps to normalize the liver and gallbladder.

Could corn be during pregnancy?

Returning to the question of the benefits of corn in pregnancy, we note that for the future mother, this product is useful not only for a rich composition of vitamins and trace elements, but also for quickly getting rid of toxemia. Using just one cob of corn per day, you will get rid of nausea and vomiting, but before using it, you must always consult a doctor. If your doctor does not find contraindications, then you can safely eat corn, without fear that it will somehow harm your health. On the contrary, very often corn is recommended to be used even by nursing mothers for enhanced milk production.

During the pregnancy, the cooked corn, corn porridge, and the broth from the stigmas of this cereal culture will be useful. The only thing, which should be discarded, so it is from canned corn, as preservatives are harmful - and this is a fact.

That's basically all you need to know about corn. Cook delicious dishes from corn, saturate your body with useful vitamins and be healthy!

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