Corruption of infertility

Corruption to infertility - how to identify and remove it?

Corruption to infertility is a kind of damage to the disease, which is usually done using the blood of the victim (or other bindings) and a certain symbol meaning the absence of continuation, dying. Such a symbol can serve as pieces of rotten stump (trumpet), pieces of dry wood. If you suddenly found a similar thing near the doorstep or house, this could be an indirect confirmation of the spoiling.

Often this type of energy intervention is used to take revenge on the whole family, not just one particular person. In this case all members of the family (kind) are exposed to the damage. Generic curse can only be removed by an experienced specialist - magician.

It happens that spoiling a woman leads a less fortunate rival or ill-wishers. If, during regular sexual life, a woman can not become pregnant for a long time, or if she constantly has miscarriages, it is necessary to check if there is damage on her. However, it also happens that they energetically affect men: as a rule, this is the work of deceived and abandoned women.

Signs and symptoms of deterioration in infertility

To exclude a generic curse, analyze the situation: is there anybody else among your relatives, who for no apparent reason can not have a child. If there are any, then it is not a matter of damage to you personally, but about the curse of the family. Generic curses are harder to remove, and can not cope on their own. If there are no such ones among your relatives, then there is a spoilage made to someone specifically (you or your spouse).

Men and women have not only a different physiological structure, but also differ in energy bodies. The male energy body is "recharged" through a certain point located on the crown of the head. Through this same point, the man eats and reproductive energy. In women, their energy body draws its energy through the genital area through the uterus. That is why, if there was an energy intervention - spoiling - then, most likely, the results of this negative impact will be visible in these zones.

Another sign of energy intervention is how a "spoiled" person feels in the church, especially during the service. As a rule, being in the temple, victims of spoiling experience dizziness, unpleasant sensations and a certain weakness.

Another hint is the behavior of pets, especially cats. Cats are much closer to the subtle world than people, and they are able to feel those on whom lies the corruption. They try to avoid such people.

In addition to the features described above, there are a number of symptoms of induced spoilage:

  • increased fatigue;
  • uncaused and frequent headaches;
  • fear of the dark, loneliness (bordering on paranoia);
  • disturbing sleep with bad dreams;
  • weight gain or, conversely, its loss with a constant sense of hunger;
  • deterioration of the skin and rapid aging;
  • feeling irritated to the partner.

It should be remembered that if it is a matter of damage, then there should be not one symptom or symptom present, but a combination of several.

Folk methods of determining damage

Define the spoiling and can be folk ways:

  1. With the help of an engagement ring. Need to draw a ring on the cheek. If after the ring on the cheek remains a trace - a dark stripe, then, perhaps, damage was imposed on the termination of the genus.
  2. With the help of rye bread. It is necessary to take a piece of rye bread into your hand and hold it in your hand for a while. Then put this slice of bread in a glass filled with spring water. If the bread sinks, it means that you are being damaged.
  3. With the help of a chicken egg. Take a glass with spring water and an egg. Reading the prayer "Our Father" over the glass, gently pour the egg into the water. Egg white is very sensitive to negative energy, so if it has lost its homogeneity or black spots appear in it, it means that there is damage on you.
  4. Using olive oil. Drip the oil in a glass of baked water. If the drop blurs, not retaining its shape, it means that you have been spoiled. This method reveals the damage caused by photography.

How to remove the damage to infertility

The above methods and signs of damage are likely to let you know if you have been adversely affected. Determine the strength of this impact will only be experienced by an experienced specialist, a magician (master) who will prompt effective ways of removing damage. As a rule, there are three ways to solve the problem.

  1. You can refer to the Master (the most effective, if the two others for some reason are not feasible or have not helped).
  2. If you are a believer, you can go to the temple. Church ministers are aware of such effects on people and will prompt you with what prayers and which saints ask for help in deliverance. This method is called grinding.
  3. You can try to remove the damage yourself by the methods below.

Ways to remove spoiling for childlessness by yourself

You need to start spontaneous removal of spoilage by inspecting your clothing and home for foreign objects - the so-called underlay. It is he who carries in your corruption. Destroying it, you can remove the root cause of your problem.

The lining can be:

  • pieces of cloth,
  • different threads,
  • hair,
  • needles,
  • nails,
  • burned matches,
  • peas or other cereals.

Most often, such items can be found near the front door - as outside, and indoors. Carefully examine all sorts of cracks and angles, if possible, look under the skin. They can just stick a knotted needle or nail into the jamb.

Explore also the rooms (necessarily a bedroom), storerooms and living rooms, where often stored different trash (which should be periodically disposed of).

If you find a suspicious object (you will surely understand that you found the right thing), do not take it with your bare hands! It is better to do this with a cloth scrap or a napkin / handkerchief - wrap the lining in them. The discovered lining should be given to the fire, reading the Orthodox prayers known to you, at sunset of the same day.

The next step in decontamination is cleansing with conspiracy

There is a very effective method of removing spoilage, which is suitable not only to remove the negative effect directed at infertility, but also help with other types of spoilage or evil eye.

Elimination of egg damage

To conduct this ritual over the victim of spoilage should be a close relative, whom she completely trusts. Another condition of this ritual is to remove the energy effect: it needs to be carried out in the phase of the waning moon, strictly after sunset, having prepared:

  • Prepare a fresh chicken egg in advance;
  • the door to the room where the ritual is being performed is tightly covered;
  • With the victim of spoilage, remove all ornaments, including watches;
  • Sit the victim face to the east.

Ritual begins with a head: roll out an egg, accompanying each turn with prayers. In total it is necessary to make not less than 33 turns. Next, turn the egg and treat the spine and each part of the body, in conclusion, return to the running-in of the head.

After the end of the break-in, the used egg is taken to the forest, where it is necessary to leave it under the bush.

The person, on whom the ritual of removing the spoilage was conducted, should not take or give money for three days.

In a month the ceremony can be repeated.

Ritual on Ivan Kupala

Folk magic knows another equally effective ritual for removing the damage to infertility, but, unfortunately, it can only be held once a year - on the day of Ivan She was bathing.

It is important to remember, that from the moment of awakening and until the end of the ritual, one can not talk! To conduct this ritual the woman-victim can independently.

To do this, she should wake up before dawn and go to the well or to the spring for water. With you should take a non-metallic vessel - clay, porcelain - quite large in volume. Dial in the water source and bring it home. The divided water is divided into three equal parts. The first one is used immediately, and you should do the following:

  • go to the ground,
  • stand face to the sun,
  • pour yourself completely with water, pronouncing words conspiracy:

"It spreads, reflects, the bad dissolves, the evil enters into darkness, the good appears. May it be so! Amen".

Repeat this ceremony on the same day two more times - at noon and at sunset.

If you are not sure of your abilities or you doubt that you will be able to perform the necessary rituals for purification yourself, then ask the church or the acting magician for help. If you can not conceive a child for a long time, and doctors are powerless to help you, do not delay the decision of this issue for a long time, so that the problem does not go into karma. The magician, in addition to the cleansing ritual, can also offer all kinds of amulets and amulets to help pregnant women (those who can not bear the child - from miscarriage), which are recommended to be worn and kept with him constantly.

About the consequences of spoiling

The main consequence of this type of spoilage can be judged by its name - the victim of the rite has infertility.

In women, this afflicts the reproductive organs, in which the uterus suffers most often. In this case, a woman simply can not conceive a child, and if the pregnancy does occur, then the child can not endure: most often miscarriages occur in the early stages.

The victim of energy interference in infertility can become a man. In men, the effects of spoilage can manifest themselves in different ways: from sedentary sperm in the seed to impotence.

Unfortunately, damage to infertility today is much more common than we would like. This kind of magic is attractive in that it is easier to damage than to remove it. That is why you should know the main signs of such an impact and be able to quickly remove them.

Be healthy! Let your house be full of happy children's laughter!

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