Cosmetics for pregnant women

Cosmetics for pregnant women - how to choose and use correctly?
  1. It's no secret that during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the background, some skin problems may occur. For example: stretch marks, pigmented spots, increased greasiness or on the contrary - dry skin. Therefore, already from the first days of pregnancy, new means should be purchased, which are aimed at eliminating these problems.
  2. During pregnancy, very many women notice a change in the condition of their hair. Some women, already in the first months of the "interesting situation" become owners of thicker hair, while others, on the contrary, note the loss and brittle hair. When choosing a shampoo, please note that manufacturers produce a series of "specifically for pregnant women" taking into account the solution of any problem of your hair or just to maintain the natural beauty.
  3. When choosing any makeup during pregnancy, make sure that it contains a maximum of natural ingredients and a minimum of dyes and fragrances. In addition, the package should have a sign about the clinically tested product. Only in this case, cosmetics are considered safe.
  4. If during pregnancy you began to notice that your skin has become more sensitive than usual - do not worry, it's fulle common for pregnant women. The only thing that should be done is to buy new cosmetics for "new", sensitive or prone to irritations of the skin.
  5. Owners of dry skin, during pregnancy, cosmetologists recommend using cosmetics, which include natural essential oils. Thanks to natural ingredients, such cosmetics will help to avoid dry skin and give it elasticity.
  6. During pregnancy, you should not buy cosmetics "in reserve", because due to hormonal changes, the condition of the skin and hair can also change several times in 9 months. Therefore, it is not worth wasting money. The same applies to anti-cellulite creams or creams for weight loss. You simply do not need them, because during pregnancy the organism is arranged so, to still put off some fatty tissue "in reserve." But the cream of stretch marks can be used from the very first days to prevent their appearance. The only aspect - the cream should be based on natural ingredients and dermatologically tested.
  7. As for make-up, during pregnancy, you should carefully review the contents of your cosmetic bag and ruthlessly discard all overdue carcasses, shadows, lipsticks, blush and the like. They should be replaced by hypoallergenic cosmetics and updated according to the manufacturer's requirements.

That's all the nuances that you need to know when choosing makeup during pregnancy. Look after yourself, be beautiful and enjoy your "interesting position", attracting and delighting loved ones and surrounding people. Happy pregnancy and easy birth to you!

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