CTF of the fetus by week

CTR of the fetus for weeks of pregnancy - a table, how is it conducted?

KTR and gestational age, how is the KTP calculated?

To begin with, KTR is almost completely dependent on the gestational age and is practically not affected by factors such as the sex of the fetus, race or other individual characteristics. But with the help of KTP indicators in women who before pregnancy suffered from irregularities in the menstrual cycle, it is possible to determine the period of pregnancy almost unmistakably. After all, it's no secret that the obstetric term in case of problems with the cycle can often be erroneous.

Calculation of CT is carried out starting from the 11th week of pregnancy. At the same time, a normal error of 3-4 days is allowed both in one and the other direction, as the embryo grows quite rapidly. It should be noted that after 16 weeks CTE is usually not measured, after this period other indicators are important.

Measurement of the coccygeal-parietal size is performed by sagittal scanning of the fetus. Note that the sagittal plane divides the body into two symmetrical halves, from front to back. If the baby moves during measurement, then the specialist will fix the CTE at the moment of maximum extension.

Following the table of KTR values, the doctor determines the gestational age. In principle, you can compare or study the results yourself, since we will also present a table of values ??in today's publication.

The values ??in the 50th percentile column are average for this period. The values ??in columns 5 and 95th percentile are the minimum and maximum allowed normal values.

How to decipher the KTR indicators?

It should be noted that as the gestation period increases, the KTP of the fetus will also increase, which, by the way, makes it possible to control the course of pregnancy. If the first trimester of ultrasound is not carried out once, then the dynamics of the change in the KTP should also be evaluated. At the same time, it is important to know that a rapid increase in the KTP can indicate the development of a large fetus, which can reach 4 kg at birth.

In the case when the CTE of the fetus deviates significantly from the norm in the smaller direction, this may indicate the following: