Curantil in planning pregnancy

Curantil in planning pregnancy - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

What is an antiaggregant?

In simple terms, "antiaggregant" is a substance that prevents the cells from clumping, in this case, blood cells in the blood vessels from which clots form. Blood clots are dangerous because they clog the vessel, as a result of which a number of health disorders are observed, and sometimes a life threat is created (myocardial infarction, stroke, thrombophlebitis).

If a woman is diagnosed with increased aggregation of cells, the doctor will take measures that, with future pregnancy, prevent complications from the internal organs. Most likely, the doctor will appoint Curantil, who in this situation will also help the fetus. The drug will relax the walls of small blood vessels, improve blood circulation and eliminate plugging of the blood vessels of the placenta, thereby providing the child with full access to oxygen and nutrients. It happens that the increased coagulability of blood causes temporary infertility, so Kurantil is prescribed to improve blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis.

How to understand the term "immunomodulator"?

It's simple. This means that it restores immunity - the body's ability to fight various viral infections. This is because Curetil promotes the excitation of the synthesis of interferon. Interferon - a protein of blood, which has antiviral and antitumor properties. Under the influence of this medication, interferon is not only excreted, but its activity also increases. This causes the human body to become immune to viral infections.

Increase the endometrium!

Women suffering from infertility or miscarriage, perfectly understand what they mean. But we will try to explain this for those who face this definition for the first time. Let's understand what an endometrium is and why it is so important to increase it by planning a pregnancy. Endometrium is a mucous layer lining the uterus from the inside. A few days after the onset of menstruation, the level of estrogen in the woman's body rises, the endometrium grows (becoming thicker and more bulky), and in the ovary the follicle with the oocyte ripens. On the 12-14th day of the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs: the egg moves along the fallopian tube to the uterus in the hope of meeting the sperm. At this time, the endometrium, under the influence of progesterone, works hard: it produces nutrients for the initial nutrition of the egg with the embryo. If fertilization has occurred, then the egg enters the uterus, where it is attached (implanted) to its inner layer. If conception does not occur, the endometrium realizes that all of its efforts have been in vain and nobody needs it, that's why it takes offense and, tearing away, leaves. That is, menstruation is a detachment of the endometrium. As you can see, the endometrium is a kind of soil in which the seed enters and takes root. If the endometrium is thin, then the fertilized egg simply has nothing to attach. That's why they are building it up. There is an opinion that this is achieved by taking certain medications, including Kurantila. True, in evidence-based medicine you will not find such a statement.

Also, when planning pregnancy, you need to know that for 9 months, the veins on your legs give in to a special load. Someone at this time begin to show the first signs of varicose veins, someone - to exacerbate the already existing. Women suffering from this disease, it is necessary to take care that there are no complications. Curantil will cope with the prevention of plugging of veins in varicose veins.

The administration of Kurantil is contraindicated in a number of diseases and disorders from internal organs and systems, and can also cause side effects that, when overdosed, increase. This information can be found in the instructions for the drug. We will add only that, in case of an overdose, it is necessary to immediately rinse the stomach and call an ambulance, as it will require medication. The drug is quickly absorbed from the digestive tract (mostly in the stomach, in part in the small intestine), and the maximum concentration in the plasma is reached in an hour. Taking Kurantil, you should give up coffee and strong black tea. These drinks reduce, and sometimes negate, the action of the medicine.

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