Cyclodinone in the planning of pregnancy

Cyclodinone in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

But now everything seems to be ready, and pregnancy does not come. With what it can be connected and what steps to take further? It is clear - to answer these questions should your doctor. To put yourself a terrible diagnosis of "infertility" in any case impossible. It is necessary to go through all the necessary studies, establish the true cause of non-occurrence of pregnancy and tackle its elimination.

Very often the natural preparation Cyclodinone helps to solve the problem. What is its power? About this - further.

Cyclodinone: instruction

In the Cyclodinone only one component (and that natural) is a dry extract of an ordinary rod. This amazing plant has long been used in gynecology, because it surprisingly regulates the amount of sex hormones in the female body, mainly reduces the amount of prolactin in the blood.

Although this prolactin is not fully understood even today, however it is a very insidious hormone. On the one hand, its excess disturbs the processes of ovulation, at the same time its deficiency affects the conception. Our body should work like a clock (according to Nature's intent): prolactin and other hormones change all the time - there are many, they are few - and all this is necessary for the normal work of the whole organism. But here Nature has not thought out that there are failures in the body (stresses, ecology and other disorders), but scientists are thinking about this, and they find the cause of the failures and ways to "repair the malfunction." So, the plant preparation Cyclodinone is prescribed by gynecologists in order to stabilize the menstrual cycle (if it is disrupted due to an overabundance of prolactin), it is recommended to use it for endometriosis, polycystic ovary, mastopathy, and also in the period of premenstrual syndrome. However, these diseases are treated with this drug only if they are caused by hormonal disorders, and this can only be determined by a doctor, he will also prescribe the treatment.

The drug Cyclodinone like to appoint, because it is natural, not synthetic, moreover, as the reviews say - against its background do not get better, and this is very important for women. However, the medication is strong enough and causes a number of side effects that cause many women to refuse treatment. Vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, overexcitation, respiratory failure, various allergic reactions and even hallucinations are the list of possible "pobochek". At the first signs of "wrong", from reception of Cyclodinone it is necessary to refuse.

Cyclodinone and pregnancy planning

What is Cyclodinone used for during pregnancy planning? Immediately it is worth noting that "just because" the drug does not take - should be a strong doctor's testimony. Based on the above indications, this drug can cope with infertility, if that is caused by hormonal disorders. It is known in fact that with an irregular menstrual cycle, the probability of getting pregnant is very low. Impossible to become pregnant is with endometriosis and polycystic ovary, as well as with other hormonal disorders.

Based on this, it becomes clear the appointment of a doctor Cyclodinone during pregnancy planning, which does not occur for a long time. Just do not expect a quick effect, as for the restoration of the hormonal background you need a long time. Usually the course of Cyclodinone takes at least 3 months. The dosage of the medicine is prescribed by the doctor. If the drug is taken in the form of tablets, then appoint 1 tablet in the morning, and if in the form of alcohol tincture, then 40 drops at a time.

Important! Do not forget that even herbal preparations can do harm, so in such an important period of your life - planning a child - do not rely on the experience of "experienced", and consult a doctor. It is possible that with your hormones everything is in order, and the cause of non-pregnancy in another, but if you reduce prolactin with Cyclodinone, the problem of infertility will only worsen.

Cyclodinone and pregnancy

Many women are worried about the question of when the pregnancy will come after treatment with Cyclodinone. However, there is no unequivocal answer, because everything is very individual. The testimonies indicate that one woman had enough of a monthly course of treatment, after which the pregnancy came, and Cyclodinone did not help the others at all.

Another very important point: the drug Cyclodinone is contraindicated in the coming pregnancy! This is very frightening for women who are planning a pregnancy, because conception can happen, and the expectant mother, not knowing this, will continue to take hormonal remedy. It, in turn, will reduce the production of the already necessary prolactin (in fact, it is known that the process of attaching the fetal egg also depends on prolactin), and the low level of this hormone can cause re-conception, which is extremely undesirable and unacceptable.

However, doctors say that Cyclodinon can not harm a fetus, because you will take this medicine for not more than a month in an "interesting" position. Although there is no scientific confirmation and refutation, so all the fear and risk is borne by the future mother. Someone advises on taking Cyclodinone to protect against pregnancy, and after the course of treatment to proceed to the main task - the conception of the baby. If you do not get it again, you'll have to look for other causes of infertility.

However, always set yourself up for the best, then everything will be easy and simple in your life! Take care of your health and try to do without medication! Good luck to you!

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