Dangerous days during pregnancy

Dangerous days during pregnancy

To begin with, the dangerous periods of pregnancy are certain intervals when the bearing of a child can be threatened, due to the development of various pathologies and anomalies. It is important to consider that the first trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the most dangerous. That is why, from the very first day of pregnancy, doctors strongly recommend that you stop taking all medications and pay as much attention to your health. Throughout pregnancy, several critical periods are identified, which every future mother should be aware of.

Dangerous days during pregnancy - 2-3 weeks

This period is called the implantation period, when a fertilized egg should firmly fix on the wall of the uterus in order to further grow, develop and, as a result, turn into a high-grade little man. However, at 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, there may be some circumstances that interfere with the introduction of the embryo into the mucosa. These include trauma to the endometrium, anomaly of the uterine structure, scars on the uterus, genetic abnormalities of embryo development, emotional and physical stress on the organism of the future mother. Also, during this period, the development of the brain and limbs in the fetus may develop.

Dangerous days during pregnancy - 4-6 weeks

During this period, the embryo, which has already taken root inside the mother's body, is especially vulnerable and prone to many vices, naturally under adverse conditions. For example, an anomaly such as a cleft lip can manifest itself on 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, and congenital heart disease - at 3-7 weeks.

Dangerous days during pregnancy - 8-12 weeks

This period of pregnancy is responsible for the full development of the placenta of the fetus, therefore, due to some anomalies in its development and location, there may be a risk of spontaneous abortion . The causes of such a sad outcome can serve as hormonal disorders. As a rule, these are disorders in the work of the ovaries, increased production of male sex hormones in the female body, violations of the endocrine system, progesterone insufficiency, which leads to miscarriage or frozen pregnancy.

Dangerous days during pregnancy - 18-22 weeks

Infectious diseases, especially those that are sexually transmitted, can cause pathology of the placenta in this period. Such diseases include: chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, herpes, etc. In addition, the pathology of the cervix, which can result from these diseases, can not hold the growing fetus, resulting in miscarriage.

Dangerous days during pregnancy - 26-32 weeks

During this period of pregnancy, the danger is presented: late gestosis, placental insufficiency and placental abruption, which can provoke miscarriage. It is important to consider that a multiple pregnancy with developing gestosis is most at risk of abortion. That is why, it is very important for a future mother with such "wealth" to watch her weight, which should not exceed the norm.

Given all the dangerous periods during pregnancy, the conclusion follows: during the entire pregnancy, every future mother should pay as much attention to her health as possible, and take extra care during particularly dangerous periods. However, this does not mean that now you have to become a "sick pregnant woman" and be afraid of every "rustle". Just try to limit yourself from stressful situations, Do not load your body with physical loads, do not plan long trips and flights. And, of course, regularly visit a district gynecologist.

Remember, dear future moms that this information on dangerous days during pregnancy is set out for familiarization and caution, and not to develop in you the fear of crisis or complications during pregnancy. Therefore, think better about proper nutrition, full sleep and rest and enjoy this magical period!

Take care and be healthy!

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