Dangerous days for conception

Dangerous days for conception

What is the conception calendar?

It is also called the Ohino-Klaus method or a calendar method for calculating sex-safe days. It is based on an understanding of the mechanism of a woman's menstrual cycle, so it can be used only after studying the menstrual cycle, at least for a year and for several months after a breakdown - illness, pregnancy, etc. What is the essence of this method protection from unwanted pregnancy?

It is believed, that the sperm in the female genital tract (in the fallopian tubes) remains viable for about three to four days. The egg can be fertilized within two days after ovulation. Proceeding from this, the possible term of conception is calculated: for the expected day of ovulation (13-14th day for the 28-day cycle and 15-16th day for the 30-day period) two days before and after are added. It turns out, for a 28-day long-established menstrual cycle from the eleventh to the sixteenth day, pregnancy is very likely. For a 30-day established menstrual cycle, "dangerous" are days 13 through 18 and so on & hellip;

In order to have a greater security guarantee, it is recommended to add four days on each side of three safe days. It is believed that during the rest of the time pregnancy is impossible. Before you rely on the conception calendar, it is better to consult a gynecologist beforehand, as far as this method is acceptable for you.

Dangerous days for conception: the reliability of the method

Doctors say that the reliability of the calendar method as a means of contraception is low enough and ranges from 30% to 60%. Therefore, completely rely on the calendar as the only method of contraception is not worth it.

The main drawback and reason for the low reliability of the method of calculating the "dangerous" days for conception of Ohio-Klaus days is that for its application, a woman should have an ideally regular menstrual cycle. And he, as reality shows, is only among the units.

For all women living in cities, it is rarely possible to talk about "settled" menstrual cycle: ecology provokes frequent failures. Even in the most healthy there are situations when ovulation does not occur at all, and menstruation begin and end, whenever you like.

In young girls, the ovaries often work irregularly, and therefore ovulation may occur a little earlier or later. And the reasons that can cause a change in the cycle of ovulation, there is more than enough: a stroke, accidental fall, shock, illness, psychological or nervous breakdown, accident, climate change or overexcitation, etc.

Therefore completely rely on the reliability of the calendar method of calculating the dangerous for the conception of days can not be. Physiological method of contraception is not suitable for those women who take hormonal drugs. Nevertheless, many people quite successfully apply the method of Ogino as the only method of contraception. Some combine it in combination with other methods of contraception.

Measurement of basal temperature makes it possible to calculate more reliably the period of ovulation

Experts believe that the method of measuring basal temperature is more convenient and reliable for calculating "dangerous" and "not dangerous" for conception of days.

Basal temperature is the temperature measured in the rectum. It is necessary to measure it correctly in the morning, before rising from bed. Data are recorded for three to four months, at the very least. Normally, at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the temperature does not reach 37, 0 degrees (36, 6-36, 7 А C). At the time of ovulation, the temperature is somewhat reduced (to 36, 2-36, 4 А C), and then stably holds above 37.0 degrees. The ordinal number of the day of the cycle in which ovulation occurs, as we already mentioned, the plus-minus 3 days (the average duration of the sperm existence) - these are dangerous days for pregnancy.

You can make a kind of calendar to determine dangerous days for pregnancy. In addition to the duration of each cycle, the data will be recorded in addition to the data after measuring the basal temperature. Here you can make and the expected errors. For example, associated with stressful situations, drinking alcohol, etc.

By the way, currently available such calendars in online mode. It is only necessary to enter accurate data on the beginning of critical days, as after a few seconds you can get the necessary information. According to estimates by doctors, the degree of reliability of the calculation of "dangerous" and "safe" days for conception by measuring the basal temperature is 55-60%. But this is only provided a regular menstrual cycle.

Menstrual period - safe days for conception?

The relevance of having sex during menstruation also causes many different opinions. Some consider this simply unhygienic. For someone, sex in the menstrual period delivers additional sensations and pleasure. However, most disagreements arise about whether or not you can get pregnant during your periods. And here medicine does not give a concrete answer. Nevertheless, according to studies of doctors, it is ectopic pregnancy that is observed in many women who had sex just during menstruation.

If the fact of pregnancy is obvious, and the future parents have determined that the birth of the child at present does not cause any problems, it is important to remember that during pregnancy there are dangerous days when the bearing of the fetus becomes compromised. on the words of doctors, the most critical period is the entire first trimester, when any drugs are contraindicated (highly undesirable).

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