Dates before birth

Dates before birth

Can I eat dates before giving birth?

These unique fruits do contain in their composition a multitude of substances necessary for the body, which bring exceptional benefits to both the health of the pregnant woman and the future baby. They are rich in natural sugar, thereby contributing to the rapid replacement of energy consumed per day. However, with excessive use, they can cause weight gain and stool disorders.

Dietary fiber of these dried fruits has an extremely beneficial effect on the human digestive system. Dates can boast of the presence of all B vitamins, which significantly improve the performance of the heart, nervous, digestive systems, participate in blood, normalize the mucous membranes, eyes and skin. In turn, vitamin B3 actively participates in oxidation-reduction reactions, promotes the improvement of carbohydrate metabolism, blood circulation and vasodilation. In addition, the use of dates positively affects the processes of metabolism, especially carbohydrate and fat.

Also in the fruit contains folic acid, which plays a huge role in the normalization of muscle and nerve functions, has an anti-anemic effect. This component protects the baby from the appearance of congenitaldevelopmental problems. Vitamin C, in turn, strengthens the immune system, removes toxins and improves the skin condition of the future mother. Plus, in dates, contains a lot of trace elements, necessary for the structure and functioning of most systems in the body.

However, this dried fruit has in its composition and so-called phytohormone, whose action is very similar to the action of oxytocin, which stimulates the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. Therefore, the use of dates in large numbers at the beginning of pregnancy can cause a sudden miscarriage, if there is a slightest prerequisite for this. At a later date, this risk is significantly reduced, but before using the described product it is better to consult a doctor. If you really want, then you can eat a few things a day.

What are the dates for childbirth?

Despite the presence of precautions and contraindications, the use of dates for the body is very palpable. If you can not unequivocally answer about their intake during pregnancy, then their use before birth is really justified and it helps to transfer such a difficult process and the recovery period after it easier.

The use of dates in later terms helps to keep the water balance in the pregnant woman. Fructose, which is contained in these fruits, gives strength and stimulates the process of producing the breast milk necessary for the child already in the first minutes after birth.

In the process of giving birth, the mother's body loses a sufficient amount of blood, which causes a significant decrease in the level of sugar. With this problem, these dried fruits cope perfectly, because due to the high content of sweetness they quickly normalize the composition of the mother's blood and prevent the pressure decrease.

The presence of oxytocin in sweet fruits makes them an indispensable ally of future mothers on days before birth. This hormone accelerates the birth process, stimulates proper contraction of the uterus, causes contractions. It also plays an important role in the production of breast milk by breast and speeds up the process of recovery of the uterus in the postpartum period.

Thanks to phosphorus and calcium, the dates favorably influence the formation of the baby's bone tissue and strengthen the bones of the mother. Potassium helps to cope with toxemia during pregnancy, removes toxins and prevents the increase in blood pressure. With a decrease in hemoglobin in the future mother and iron deficiency in late terms, it is necessary to use fifteen dates a day - and the daily norm of this trace element will be replenished.

In the normal course of pregnancy, the use of dates in moderate amounts will have a beneficial effect on the mother's and future baby's organism, will help to facilitate the birth process and recovery.

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