Decent leave

Decree vacation - the terms of the decree and its design

What is a maternity leave?

All of us are accustomed to call one general concept of "decree" the time that will be spent together with the child at home after leaving work. And, probably, very few people know that in legislation such a concept does not exist at all, and that leave, which in the people is called "decree" in fact consists of two holidays, namely:

  • prenatal and postpartum (in connection with pregnancy and childbirth);
  • on the care of a child (before his 3-year anniversary).

It is the care for such maternity leave is regulated by the Labor Code.

When is the time for going on maternity leave and for what period is it calculated?

You have every right to go on maternity leave as soon as your doctor marks the 30th week of pregnancy. It is from this "milestone" that doctors are recommended to say goodbye to work and devote themselves entirely to preparing for the forthcoming birth. The doctor-gynecologist you are registered with must give you the so-called "incapacity sheet", in which the period of your pregnancy and the approximate date of birth will be indicated. You need to provide it at the place of work, after which the maternity leave will be issued.

Also, pregnant women before the start of maternity leave can take another statutory annual leave at work, which means that you can go to the decree even for 25 weeks (if your legal leave at work is 5 weeks).

Maternity leave is paid from social insurance funds. If you are unemployed or are engaged in private activities, you must pay a legal benefit to the insurance fund or the corresponding social services. In addition, after the end of maternity leave, you have the right to one more annual annual leave at work.

For the entire period of maternity leave, it is mandatory to keep your workplace and the position you hold. The total duration of the decree is included in your total uninterrupted work record.

Young mothers should be aware of their legal right to return to the workplace at any time (subject to part-time work - then all payments will be kept for you). When you decide to return to full-time work, such payments will be removed. No employer has the right to dismiss you during maternity leave, which is guaranteed by the Labor Code.

There are also cases when pregnant women at all refuse to take maternity leave, which they have a perfectly legal right to do.

Duration of maternity leave

The usual, statutory maternity leave, consists of seventy calendar days. In the case of multiple pregnancies, a woman is entitled to eighty-four days of such leave. If the birth was complicated, then its duration should be eighty-six calendar days. Women who have been exposed to radiation (for example, lived in radioactive territory) are entitled to ninety such vacation days.

If a woman before the 30th week of pregnancy had premature birth, after which the child remained alive, she was laid 156 days of postpartum leave.

Women who adopted a newborn baby are also entitled to a 70-day postnatal leave.

And finally I want to note that maternity leave is the time that you can not make up for later. No job compensates you for the first years of your life. You really need your little one from the first days of her life, do not take this joy from her or from her. We wish you a happy decree!

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