Delivery after cesarean section

Are natural births possible after caesarean section

Every woman aspires to natural sorts. More than once it was said about the advantages of vaginal delivery. However, this does not mean at all that the caesarean section has some drawbacks. It is very often because of the operation that long-awaited children are born in families, where this was impossible due to a number of obstacles.

In life, sometimes a paradoxical situation occurs: women who gave birth naturally, about the second vaginal birth even think afraid. If you give birth a second time, then only under general anesthesia - they say. Others, on the contrary, after painful postoperative days, in spite of everything they strive to give birth naturally. All this is our emotions. But the main role is played by medical indications. And no matter how much we do not want to give birth, if there are serious testimonies, then surgery can not be avoided. Yes, and whether you need to risk your health, your and your baby, and sometimes even life?

So, the first birth was resolved by Caesarean section. Naturally, holding on the hands of a tiny first-born, who will think about the next children. But worth it. Especially in this situation. When discharging from the hospital, be sure to pay attention to the extract. It should clearly state:

  • on what indicators were conducted cesarean section;
  • length of labor;
  • Cesarean section method;
  • technique of sewing a cut on the uterus;
  • used suture material;
  • complications during surgery;
  • the amount of blood loss;
  • the course of the postoperative period;
  • methods of preventing infectious complications;
  • Recommendations for repeated delivery.

This extract is very useful for you when planning and delivering subsequent pregnancies.

Why is it so important to give birth by natural way after cesarean section?

First, natural births are much safer for both the mother and the baby. The risk of complications is noticeably reduced, but the repeated caesarean section only adds postoperative complications.

Secondly, Cesarean section can be conducted no more than 3 times, and even then with a huge risk to the health of both the mother and her baby. Natural births after cesarean provide an opportunity to give birth to many children.

Thirdly, you will not have to suffer again in the postoperative period. Nevertheless, after a vaginal birth, a woman is much faster than normal.

Fourthly, after repeated cesarean section in many women, menstrual function is disrupted, resulting in decreased ability to become pregnant repeatedly.

Fifth, in the natural childbirth, the child develops a stress hormone that promotes a better and faster adaptation in the external environment. Therefore, why contradict nature, if there is no serious testimony?

Indications for a repeat cesarean section

  • inferiority of the scar on the uterus;
  • longitudinal scar;
  • placenta previa in the scar;
  • an anatomically narrow pelvis;
  • deformities and bony projections on the small pelvis;
  • craniocerebral trauma of the parturient woman;
  • myopia of a high degree;
  • detachment of the retina;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • transverse or pelvic presentation of the fetus;
  • placenta previa;
  • large fruit (more than 3800 g).

If in your situation there is at least one of the items, then a second cesarean section is necessary. Otherwise, you risk your life: your own, and your baby.

Complications of natural childbirth after cesarean section

The most dangerous (often fatal) and only complication of natural birth after cesarean is the rupture of the uterus along the rumen. It is because of him that many women are so afraid to give birth vaginally. And not every physician is ready to take responsibility for the outcome of such births. Although statistics say that the uterine rupture happens in less than 1% of cases, no one wants to get into these statistics. Therefore, before re-birth after cesarean section, it is so important to weigh all the pros and cons and take the most safe decision.

Preparing for natural birth after cesarean section

As mentioned earlier, preparation for natural childbirth after cesarean should begin immediately after the first birth. Follow all the doctor's instructions to ensure that the scar on the uterus is correctly formed. Follow the condition of the scar in several ways: hysteroscopy, ultrasound, hysterography. Before planning pregnancy it is necessary to undergo these examinations and determine the readiness of the uterus with a scar to bear and give birth to the baby. The most favorable picture for repeated pregnancy and childbirth without complications is the scar, which is almost invisible. It is also important that it is formed from the muscle, not from the connective tissue.

Abortions are extremely unfavorable to the scar. Therefore, after caesarean section, consider the methods of contraception in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Doctors recommend after caesarean section to take a break for 2-3 years. Early repeated childbirth can be very dangerous. It is also undesirable to delay with subsequent childbirth.


Vaginal birth after cesareans proceed according to the usual "scenario": contractions, attempts and birth of the placenta. But there are some differences. It is advisable to hospitalize a woman with a scar on the uterus in advance. The final decision on what this delivery will be is taken at the 38th week of pregnancy, after studying the results of ultrasound. For the woman in labor and her child, spontaneous deliveries without medical interventions will be the best. Previously, such patients beforehand opened the bladder and waited for the fights. Today, this method is abandoned to avoid complications during labor. Naturally, a woman during the entire period of childbirth should be under the supervision of medical staff. Often, in cases of complications of natural childbirth, doctors conduct an urgent unscheduled caesarean section.

To this day, there are disputes about the possibility of using such an anesthesia. Most people think that it is undesirable not to miss the pain when the uterus ruptures.

But what exactly is strictly forbidden is rhodostimulation. Injections of oxytocin or enzaprost can provoke rupture of the uterus along the scar. It is also not too early to push and apply methods of "pressure on the stomach." After the birth of the placenta, the doctor examines the cavity of the uterus and checks the condition of the scar.

The right choice

The only right choice in your situation is the decision that you take along with your doctor. Naturally, a second cesarean section has much more risks and complications. But sometimes natural births are impossible, and in fact children should be born in spite of everything. This is happiness - re-motherhood and paternity. The main thing, believe in yourself and do not let bad thoughts come to you!

Successful childbirth!

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