Derinat during pregnancy

Derinat during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Derinat during pregnancy can not be

This is what is written in the instructions to the drug. Rather, they point out that during pregnancy and lactation, Derinat should be taken only with the permission of the doctor and only if the benefit of the medicine exceeds the possible risk to the fetus. However, experiments on pregnant women were not conducted, so it is impossible to imagine how a pregnant organism will react to Derinat. Needless to say, in the "interesting situation" the immune system of a woman is extremely vulnerable. So the female organism is arranged, that at fertilization, immune defensive reactions are weakened in order for the foreign body-fetus to take root.

Now we understand why Derinat during pregnancy can not be taken. After using such a strong stimulant of immunity, it is quite possible that the body will crack down not only with a sore, but also will reject the fetus, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. How can the medicine affect the already formed fetus? It is also unrealistic to presume, therefore, as they say, the benign God protects.

Derinat in pregnancy can be

However, there is an opinion that it is not so dangerous for the fetus Derinat if applied externally or locally. Ulcers and wounds will heal faster if you lubricate them with this medicine, and the common cold and flu will go away, if you drip three times a day in the nose three drops of Derinata.

However, before using, it is still worth consulting with a doctor, especially if you have not taken this medicine before. With other diseases during pregnancy, the doctor individually can prescribe the course and dosage of the drug.

So it is possible or impossible?

You can completely surrender yourself to the doctor and blindly follow his instructions. And you can read the instructions and postpone Derinat, because it states that during pregnancy, you can not take medicine. The most "brave" are resolved to risk and neglect both doctors and instruction. And if something goes wrong - reproaches and complaints begin. Here such here at us doctors, here such here at us medicines and so on.

But there is a more reasonable way out. If previously Derinatom was treated, and he helped you, during pregnancy, most likely, for local application the body will react "painlessly", but still it is worth starting with 1-2 drops and watch yourself.

In general, Derinat has a very ambivalent attitude. The testimonies indicate that to the immunostimulants to this day many are very cautious, and some in general categorically oppose these drugs and consider them "dummies", which have no effect, and it is unclear how they affect such a mysterious system of the body as immunity. What to say about the period of pregnancy, when the body in general is reconstructed into unique abilities. So, as always the question of whether or not to be treated during pregnancy by Derinatom (like any other medicine) remains open.

Therefore, we wish you not to be ill, especially at a time when you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the tiny life that arises under your heart.

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