Determination of pregnancy with soda

How to determine pregnancy with soda?

We do not encourage you to immediately begin a test with urine for pregnancy. If you come here - it means, at least, you are interested. We will try to satisfy your interest and, possibly, provide information plus.

How to identify pregnancy with soda?

The way to ugliness is simple, but just in case, we once again emphasize that, that this is a folk method for determining pregnancy and it has nothing to do with reliable diagnosis. Maybe some of the results coincided, but that does not mean anything.

However, who is interested in trying, here, please, the recipe:

  • Collect a dose of morning urine for all the rules - in a clean container. A half cup will be enough. Then pour a teaspoon of soda into it and watch the reaction: if soda is sizzling - it is considered that there is no pregnancy, if "silently" precipitates - you are pregnant, says the national laboratory.

Even this folk pregnancy test should be performed on morning urine. Because in the morning on an empty stomach the values ??of ph are the lowest and the test will be most reliable.

And now a little more about the acidity of urine & hellip;

What is the focus?

As you know, urine is a product of human life. Together with the urine, various water-soluble substances that are unnecessary to the body are deduced, and its composition depends on many factors.

Among the various indicators of urine is also considered its ph. That is, it can be more acidic or more alkaline.

Normally, human urine is neutral or slightly acidic - ph from 4, 5 to 8. But depending on a number of reasons and under the influence of various factors, urine acidity can vary in one or the other direction. It should be understood that if ph urine increases - it becomes more alkaline, if the indices decrease - more acid.

The acidity of urine depends on ph blood, human nutrition, its physical state, body temperature at a given time, the state of the urinary system and other factors.

To increase the level of ph (when urine becomes more alkaline), the following result:

  • the predominance of vegetables and fruits (mainly vegetarian food) in the diet;
  • prolonged vomiting or diarrhea;
  • Urinary tract infections caused by urea-degrading microorganisms;
  • renal tubular acidosis, Fanconi and Milkman syndromes (increased loss of HNCO3);
  • kidney failure;
  • metabolic alkalosis without depletion of potassium reserves;
  • respiratory alkalosis;
  • hypocorticism;
  • hematuria;
  • Alkaline therapy.

To lower the ph level (when the urine becomes more acidic):

  • the predominance in the diet of protein foods of animal origin, consumption of a large amount of cranberries;
  • starvation;
  • fever;
  • metabolic acidosis (diabetes);
  • metabolic alkalosis caused by the depletion of potassium stores;
  • respiratory acidosis;
  • physical exhaustion;
  • Tuberculosis of the kidneys.

It is noteworthy that bacterial infections of the urinary tract can change the acidity level of urine in any direction, which in pregnancy is not uncommon. However, the pregnancy itself does not affect the urine ph.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the reaction of urine to soda depends on the level of its acidity at the moment. There will be sizzling or precipitating soda - it hardly depends on the origin of the conception.

Personally, I do not see any reason to conduct such folk tests for the determination of pregnancy with some other purpose than entertainment. To buy a pharmacy test today does not present any difficulties, and if you are away from civilization, and besides soda you have nothing, then I still would not advise you to rely on the truth of this experiment.

But pregnant, planning and just interested in everything you can. And if you want to check if your urine or soda will hiss, then why not? I do not see any crime in this.

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