Diet during pregnancy

Diet in pregnancy - an approximate menu, can I go on a diet?

Extra kilograms cause a lot of health problems for every person. Especially it is dangerous at pregnancy as can harm both to mum, and to the child. In addition to complications with health, during pregnancy with malnutrition, a woman can begin to form cellulite, after giving birth in the abdomen, waist and hips, fatty deformations form. It directly depends on how much the woman will recover during the pregnancy. Even if this is not the first pregnancy, and giving birth and feeding is not leftor unpleasant consequences on the body, this does not mean that you will also be lucky this time. Do not relax. It happens that the body is carried away after the second or third pregnancy.

Therefore, in order for the baby to get all the necessary nutrients, and at the same time, it felt good for the mother under the heart, it is important for a woman to follow a diet for pregnant women. It is necessary to refrain from food, which contributes to fluid retention and the appearance of obesity. At the same time the food should remain full, balanced. In any case, do not sit on a one-sided diet, such as fruit and vegetable, protein, soup. Refrain from low-calorie diets and overeating, do not allow any starvation and severe restrictions. Every day you should get from two to three thousand calories.

Watch the quantity and quality of water consumed. Drink only the peeled. In the first half of pregnancy, consume up to two liters of water a day, in the second, to avoid edema, reduce the dosage to one and a half liters. Discard the canned and ready-made juices.

Diet during pregnancy requires you to eat in small portions, but four to five times a day. In addition, do not deny yourself a light snack when there is a feeling of hunger. For caloric content, distribute the food as follows: 30% for breakfast, 40% for lunch and 10% for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Breakfast is necessary at least one hour after waking up. To have supper - for two-three hours before a dream easily assimilated products: curd, kefir, curdled milk.

What is it worth to give up pregnant?

First, exclude or limit consumption of fried and fatty, smoked, spicy, pickled, sausages, pates, as well as cream baking. Flour products, foods with a high content of sugar and fats will not do you any good, just have a negative impact on your weight. The benefit will go food, which activates digestion, helps to get rid of toxins.

Your body will be pleased with raw vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, not least fruits, boiled on water, beans, porridges, seafood. Bread choose from wholemeal flour, dairy products with low fat content, use meat without sauces, vegetable oils, but in small quantities. Take care also of the composition of the products. No artificial components should not be. Avoid dyes, fragrances, taste simulators.

Your daily diet during pregnancy should contain:

Fats - 80-100g. (20 g of plant origin)

Proteins - 100-120 grams. (70-90 grams of animal origin)

Eat poultry meat, but without skins, fish, red meat, the same beans and nuts.

Additional energy, so necessary for pregnant women, you will get along with products containing carbohydrates, beans, grains, bread from flour grinding, sprouted grains of wheat.

In the first half of pregnancy, the required daily dose of carbohydrates is 300-400 g and 300 g in the second.

To improve digestion, include in the diet products containing fiber, for example, the same fruits and vegetables. They will enrich your body with vitamins and other nutrients. Use freshly squeezed juices, but discard the canned vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about the proteins.

Looking for your body and dairy products with a high content of amino acids, vitamins and calcium. Drink yogurt, milk, eat cottage cheese, but observe the norm, do not overdo it. Limit salt and sugar in dishes.

Forget about alcohol, fast food, strong spices and seasonings. Reduce the consumption of coffee and strong tea, carbonated drinks. Indulge yourself with milky creamy cocktails, vegetable and fruit fresh squeezed juices.

Some of the typical eating problems during toxicosis are inherent in pregnancy, when one does not feel like eating and turns from one thought about food. Do not panic, because toxicosis happens to almost all women in the situation. Stoshnilo - drink water. After a while, the feeling of hunger should wake up. Even if you see that you are losing weight, do not eat through strength and do not overeat at night. In case of pathological toxicosis, which is delayed for weeks - show your doctor. It is advisable to listen to the advice of your specialist, not good friends.

It can also happen the opposite. Gluttony is also common in pregnant women. Systematic overeating mom justify what they eat now for two. How not to eat, when you want, but not necessary? Distract from the thought of eating, think about the child, work, watch a movie or take a reading yourself.

In pregnant women, there is also a craving for something unhelpful, for example, to the notorious salted cucumbers. If you still want something smoked or salty, then make a small gift to your body, eat a small piece of what you want. In this case, chew it slowly and thoroughly.

Also, according to the prescription and recommendations of the doctor, you need to take multivitamin complexes. Remember, what vitamins and trace elements are needed for your body and the baby's body.

Vitamin A takes part in the formation of visual pigments.

Vitamin D and calcium form the bone system of the child's body, strengthen the maternal bone tissue and provide prevention of rickets in the baby.

Vitamin E synthesizes pregnancy and lactation hormones, provides normal fetal growth. The latter is affected by vitamin B2.

Vitamin C and zinc increase immunity.

Vitamin B1 prevents toxicosis. Vitamins B12, B6 and iron - disorders of hematopoiesis.

Folic acid promotes the normal formation of baby's blood cells

A pregnant mother is the only source of baby nutrition in the womb. All that she eats - and eat a little man. There are many - does not mean eating right.

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