Diet in pregnancy for weight loss

Diet in pregnancy for weight loss - menu

Lose weight competently

During the gestation period, a huge load is placed on the liver of the expectant mother. And if a woman eats for two, then this body simply does not have time to cope with its functions.

To facilitate its work, as well as to avoid the increase in blood sugar will help competent weight reduction.

Nutritionists advise pregnant women to avoid diets based on citrus fruits and their juices. First, they have a lot of sugar; secondly, these are allergen products. The likelihood of allergic reactions in the baby will multiply many times, if the pregnant woman will sit on such a diet. But this does mean that citrus fruits should be completely excluded from the diet. One orange as a dessert for dinner is a sensible solution.

You should not choose chocolate diets, as well as those based on legumes. Categorically forbidden future mothers to drink fat-burning cocktails or drinks based on ginger, cinnamon, citric acid. They are capable of provoking bleeding.

In order to lose weight without harming the baby's health, it is necessary: ??

  1. Avoid fat. This applies to food of animal origin, for example, pork, fatty broths, butter, cheese, fat.
  2. Forget about baking, especially from yeast dough. These are high-calorie foods, a small portion of which, in terms of caloric content, equals a full-fledged lunch.
  3. Cakes, sweets, cakes, pancakes, ice cream should also be excluded from the diet.
  4. Avoid fried foods. They absorb a lot of fat, so they are classified as high-calorie and poorly digestible.

In the diet of a losing pregnant woman, vegetables should be present every day fresh or stewed; fruits and berries; porridge; dairy products; lean meat; sea ??fish; juices; greenery.

Nutritionists say that by using only dietary products, you can also gain weight if you eat a lot. Therefore, the best option - food 4-5 times a day, so that the body did not have time to get hungry.

And to learn to eat less, every time on a plate you need to leave some food.

It is important to constantly observe the drinking regime. If the health, in particular, the kidneys, everything is fine, then every day you need to drink a half liter of liquid. Of the drinks, green tea is preferable, weak black, non-carbonated mineral water, broth of wild rose. Sometimes, when a woman seems to want to eat, it is worth to drink a glass of water - and the appetite will calm down, because in fact the body lacks liquid.

An important component of the menu for weight loss is the use of a mineral-vitamin complex for pregnant women. It is in such preparations that there is an optimal amount of all the necessary trace elements.

Menu for pregnant women

Restrictions in the choice of foods for the diet still allow future mothers to eat a variety and full of food every day. A typical menu for a day can look like this:

  1. Before breakfast for 40 minutes - a glass of broth of rose hips or water with the addition of lemon juice.
  2. For breakfast, you can choose between 300 grams of lettuce from tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers with low-fat sour cream or curd casserole (150 grams) with green tea.
  3. Second breakfast: dried fruits (50 grams) or biscuits (20 grams) with fat-free yogurt (200 grams).
  4. Lunch: fish (100 g), baked with vegetables (200 g), and jelly or boiled meat (80 g) with buckwheat porridge (200 g) with tomato juice.
  5. Snack: a cup of yogurt or an apple.
  6. Supper: cabbage and carrot salad (250 g), boiled chicken fillet (150 g), orange juice or milk oatmeal (300 g).

Dinner is needed 3 hours before bedtime. It is strongly recommended that you take a walk after the last meal.

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