Dill from edema during pregnancy

Dill from edema during pregnancy

The fact is that the body can accumulate excess fluid, which is accompanied by an external manifestation in the form of puffiness. This process creates discomfort for future mothers, especially in psychological terms.

Today, with this problem, the traditional medicine is doing very well. Time-tested recipes not only effectively remove excess fluid from the body, but also have a beneficial effect on the body of the future mother and her baby. It is these properties and has a fragrant dill.

What is the use of garden plants? How correctly to use greens with edemas? Can he harm the future mother and her baby? Let's discuss.

Useful greenery

The garden plant has many useful properties. Smelly greens are beneficial for the functionality of internal organs and systems of the human body (hematopoietic, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, excretory, etc.). In addition, the plant has a positive effect on the mental state of a person. Essential oil of spices has a calming and soothing effect, and this is exactly what a pregnant woman needs.

Green spice contains many useful substances:

  • vitamins (retinol (A), ascorbic acid (C), nicotinamide (PP), tocopherol (E), group B);
  • Acids: folic, nicotinic, chlorogenic;
  • micro- and macroelements: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, etc.;
  • chlorophyll;
  • flavonoids.

Dill is the most useful and indispensable product for every person, including women in the situation. Due to its universality and usefulness, the plant is actively used in the field of medicine from many ailments. Green spice has multiple healing properties:

  • normalizes the process of metabolism in the body;
  • stimulates the activity of the heart muscle;
  • reduces the tone of the vascular wall;
  • reduces the formation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • Displays mucus from the bronchi;
  • removes constipation;
  • stimulates expectoration and prevents spasm of the bronchi;
  • destroys the development of microbial infection;
  • Displays excess bile and fluid from the body.

All these qualities favorably affect the state of the future mother, and therefore, positively affect the development and growth of the baby in her heart.

Aromatic spice from swelling during pregnancy: correct application

Thanks to a diuretic action, garden spice helps quickly and effectively to remove swelling that creates a huge discomfort during pregnancy. For treatment use dill broth, infusions, lotions. For their preparation, you can take a fresh or dried plant.

For example, to prepare a healing infusion, you need to pour fresh (2 tablespoons) or dry (1 tablespoon) dill with boiling water (0, 5 l). Then the dill medicine should be infused (60 minutes), after which it can be used for medicinal purposes. Drink you need to drink three times a day (a third cup) for half an hour before the planned meal.

You can also use a thermos bottle to make a healing drink. Pour boiling water (1, 5 glasses) a tablespoon of dill seeds and leave to infuse. Take the medicine twice a day: morning and evening. The treatment course lasts three weeks. After a short break (at least 3 days), it can be repeated.

Gadgets effectively remove the puffiness of the eyelids. However, in this recipe, in addition to dill, also mint. Dill seeds and crushed mint castings (in a ratio of 1: 2) should be filled with a glass of water and boiled for 10 minutes. Cooled and filtered broth, you need to moisten the cotton wool discs and apply to the eyes for 10 minutes.

Very often during pregnancy, to eliminate swelling, doctors recommend to exclude salt from the diet of the future mother. There are hardly people who like fresh and unappetizing dishes. However, even here dill comes to the rescue. You can improve the taste of food by the crushed seeds of a dry plant. Thus, your salt-free menu will acquire a new taste, and you can get rid of edema in the shortest possible time.

It's important to know!

Fragrant dill is useful for pregnant women and their future babies. Many nutritionists advise women to include it in their nutritious diet.

Although the green spice has no contraindications, nevertheless, active substances in its composition in large doses activate muscle contractility. This means that eating spices can cause increased uterine tone, resulting in miscarriage.

Of course, a pinch of dry seeds or a small amount of fresh dill will not cause harm to both the future mother and her baby. However, you should not abuse the product. And if you have a threat of pregnancy failure, then from the use of garden plants, it is better and better to refuse.

Dill drugs are also contraindicated for those women who have low blood pressure, as fennel can weaken the general condition.

In other cases, beverages, which include aromatic spices, favorably affect the body and allow you to quickly eliminate swelling.

However, do not forget that swelling can indicate any pathological disorders: problems of kidney and heart systems or liver dysfunction.

If the problem is of a periodic nature, then the appearance of the edema is not associated with any pathologies, and dillies can quickly and effectively remove excess fluid from the body of a pregnant woman.

However, if swelling has a permanent manifestation, then it is necessary to establish the root cause of the pathology and begin treatment of not the symptoms but the disease itself.

Therefore, before starting an independent treatment with dill, be sure to visit the doctor and discuss the problem with him and the methods of treatment.

Recommendations that help to relieve swelling during pregnancy

In addition to dill, the following recommendations will help to cope with edema in a position:

  • drink less liquid;
  • wear comfortable and free clothes;
  • Do not wear tight shoes;
  • Try to relax more.

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