Discharge from the mammary glands during pregnancy

Discharge from the mammary glands during pregnancy - a norm or pathology

Colostrum - the first maternal "milk". It is a liquid of a yellowish hue, watery in structure and sweet in taste. In the beginning, the colostrum is thick and yellow, but closer to the birth, it fades and discolours.

The development of colostrum usually begins with the second trimester of pregnancy. But fluid from the chest can stand out before. This is especially often observed during massage or stimulation of the breast during sex. Someone does not have anything like this during the entire pregnancy. But after the birth of the baby colostrum will certainly be - do not worry. All individually and is considered normal as the presence of excreta during the bearing of the child, and their absence.

But there are cases when the consultation mammologist will not be superfluous. On the sixth-seventh month of pregnancy, a woman can notice watery discharge from the chest with bloody patches. It is during this period in her body that the hormone prolactin is intensively produced, responsible for future lactation, and the hormone oxytocin, which contributes to the flow of milk into the ducts. This type of discharge during this period is also considered normal, but it is better to still be safe to exclude the appearance of any diseases of the breast.

You should consult a specialist in such cases:

  • you suffer from regular aching pain in the chest area;
  • the breast increases unevenly: on it are visible knolls or hollows;
  • secretions from the nipples are yellow or bloody.

But scratching the skin of the breast is not an alarming symptom: the glands grow larger, preparing for milk production, and the stretching skin can itch. In this case, use creams against stretch marks.

If you do not care about anything and you do not watch anything that is alarming with your breasts, then there is no cause for concern. However, you should know that you do not need to express the secretion of fluid from the breast. It is also necessary to observe the hygiene of the breast (twice a day to wash under the shower and dry the nipples dry). And it is also necessary to wear a comfortable bra that does not squeeze and does not constrain the mammary glands.

In general, the discharge from the mammary glands is a completely physiological phenomenon that can be observed not only in pregnant women and even not only in women. Incredibly, men also have such "anomalies", moreover - even in newborn girls, liquid from the nipple can be released (due to the increased level of female hormones in the mother's blood during pregnancy). What can we say about the future mommy! So the main thing - do not worry again. And in case something "suspicious" is simply insured by a visit to a specialist.

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