Diuretic herbs during pregnancy

What diuretic herbs for swelling in pregnant women can be used?

This applies to medicinal products based on herbs: although phytotherapy is preferable to pregnant women if treatment is necessary, nevertheless, self-use of herbal medicine is not necessary. The same applies to diuretic herbs, which often become a "salvation" for a future mother - in the first place, with edema.

Usually edema becomes an indication for the use of diuretic herbs during pregnancy. Herbs diuretics are very much able to cope with the "duty" imposed on them: to remove excess fluid from the body in a soft and gentle way, preventing possible undesirable consequences of the corresponding condition. But only if they are correctly prescribed exclusively by a doctor, because not all diuretics during pregnancy can be considered safe. And, moreover, the dosage in which diuretic herbs are allowed to a future mother is also determined strictly by the doctor - individually.

One of the diuretics, which is common and without any risks, is prescribed to pregnant women, decoction of the leaves of cranberries is considered (it is possible with berries). The broth is prepared simply: 2-3 teaspoons of cranberry leaves are poured 2-3 cups of boiling water, after which the mixture needs a couple of minutes to boil.

A leaf of the birch and birch buds also have a diuretic effect - often these diuretic herbs in pregnancy are prescribed in case of heart or kidney damage as a consequence of edema. Without fear, also bearberry leaves, horsetail, leaves of staminate orthosiphon, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect. As a diuretic during pregnancy, it is also possible to use decoction from the herb of mint, linden flowers, and fruit of the viburnum after agreement with the gynecologist.

Consult with a specialist about the use of herbal diuretics during the bearing of a baby is also extremely important because there are forbidden diuretics during pregnancy. These include herbs that can raise the tone of the uterus, cause it to contract and provoke premature termination of pregnancy. This can be said about strawberry berries, juniper fruits and parsley root, the use of which during pregnancy is highly undesirable.

But even if the future mother has prescribed and safe diuretic herbs during pregnancy, one should always keep in mind that only by their application the matter is not limited. In addition to the use of diuretic herbs, it is also necessary to adhere to a salt-free diet to correct the condition of the pregnant woman. This mode of nutrition provides for the refusal to eat fried, smoked, spicy and fatty foods, and carbonated beverages and tomato juice are also undesirable.

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