Divigel with IVF

Divigel with IVF - indications and way of application

To avoid rejection of the embryo, the female body needs additional support, which will provide the necessary conditions for the life-support of the fetus. That's why modern medics use special drugs with estrogen to stimulate the growth of the endometrium. One of the most popular and effective medicines for such a plan is the Divigel. This drug replenishes the lack of estrogen and allows the endometrium to reach the required values.

Indications for use

Recall that the preparation includes a synthetically created estrodol, similar to a natural female hormone. The task of this drug is to eliminate endometrial hypoplasia, which does not allow the embryo to be implanted into the uterine cavity. At a thickness of a wall of a uterus less than 5 mm use the Divigel as preparation of an organism of the woman for pregnancy.

Often this drug is prescribed after in vitro fertilization, when a woman has a lower estrogen level. The absence of ovulation also leads to endometrial hypoplasia, and therefore, with such a pathology, it is necessary to use Divigel.

Admission of the drug in question can increase the concentration of estrogen in the body of a woman, "Build up" the endometrium and improve the work of all the genital organs of the future mother. Against this background, the development of the ducts of the mammary glands, the vagina, the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

How to use the drug

Like any other hormone, Divigel prescribes a qualified specialist, guided by the results of a woman's examination. Do not use the drug without prescription, as such actions can lead to negative consequences.

Divigel is a homogeneous paste that is applied to clean skin once at the same time. The gel is rubbed into the front wall of the abdomen, shoulder, forearm, waist or buttocks.

The drug is completely absorbed into the skin for two minutes. Apply it before going to bed, Since water penetration into the gel application area is undesirable within two hours after its application.

After you have processed the skin with a Divigel, be sure to wash your hands with soap. Apply gel to the face, mammary glands or genitals in no case. If the rash and irritation appear on your skin after applying this hormonal remedy, stop using it immediately.

It is important to note that this drug is used according to the scheme. Therefore, if you missed the next application of the Divigel, and since the last rubbing took more than 12 hours, then postpone its application until the next time according to the scheme. Do not allow frequent passes of application of a preparation as it can provoke a maternal bleeding. Also, we should not abruptly abandon the use of the Divigel. The consequence of refusing the drug may be miscarriage. Therefore, the abolition of this hormonal agent is carried out gradually under the supervision of the attending physician.

Now you know about the indications and ways of applying the Divigel in IVF, but do not forget that this drug can be used only for the purpose of a qualified specialist.

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