Divination by pregnancy

How to pay for pregnancy - proven and accurate ways

But from time immemorial, when it was not possible to determine all these nuances, representatives of many nationalities used divination for pregnancy. And even today some women use such fortune telling, if the pregnant woman for some reason or simply does not want to know the sex of the future baby with the help of ultrasound. And, as argue moms, tried on one of these methods, they say: it is not uncommon for fortune-tellers to justify themselves. Therefore, if there is a desire, you can also take note of the methods of determining the sex of a child who has been tested for years.

One of the most common divination of pregnancy today is considered fortune-telling on the ring, and there are two options for its conduct. For example, you can tie up a pregnant wedding ring on a chain and hang it over the belly of the future mother, track its movement: if the ring swings back and forth, then you should expect the girl, if the ring is moving in a circle, the boy will be born. A fortune-telling fortune is made with a ring and over the palm of a pregnant woman, the principle of holding it is the same as over the abdomen, but the results are the opposite: a ring moving around the circle is a testament to the future birth of the daughter, and the ring swinging from side to side becomes a sign of birth son.

Guessing for pregnancy can be carried out and in appearance: it is considered, that if during pregnancy a deterioration in the appearance of the expectant mother is observed, then she will have a girl. Explained such a sign by the fact that even while in the womb, the girl claims to mother's beauty, physiologically - on female hormones. But the boys do not need this, because during pregnancy, the woman on the contrary becomes only more beautiful. Divination by pregnancy is also carried out on the exterior of the father: it is noticed that in bald men, boys are born one and a half times more than girls. And guessing by appearance can be carried out according to the form of the woman's belly in the position: in the people it is believed that the belly has a lower belly than the pregnant woman, who expects the birth of the girl.

It's amazing, but guessing for pregnancy is held even at the time when. . . the woman choked! If this happens, you need to ask her to name any number, and then calculate which letter of the alphabet it corresponds to. Then the pregnant woman should name the name, starting with this letter: she will name the girl's name - be a girl, a boy - a boy. Another guessing about pregnancy, which is now universally used by many women who already have children: ask to stretch the pregnant woman's hands. If the future mother at the same time keeps their hands down, you should wait for the birth of your son, if your hands are raised (as if a pregnant woman is asking for something), a daughter will be born.

You can guess at pregnancy by comparing the year of conception and the age of the mother: if both numbers are even or odd, then the girl will appear, if the numbers do not match, then the son will be born.

There is even a fortune-telling for pregnancy, with the help of which you can try to determine how many parents are waiting for replenishment. To do this, you need to ask the pregnant woman to take the lying key in his hands, only to have it without a bunch and not on a ringlet. If a woman takes the round, upper part of the key, then the boy should wait, the long and narrow part indicates the birth of the girl, but if the pregnant woman takes in the middle, it means that twins are slowly growing inside her.

Any guessing for pregnancy is just a guess, suggested by folk practice. But the most accurate answer, who can expect all the same, a woman, if desired, can get it with the help of ultrasound. Although even this method does not always give one hundred percent guarantee: often the baby turns to the parents with their backs, which makes it impossible to establish its gender. Yes, and ultrasound can also be wrong - there have been cases when the study promised the birth of a girl, and a boy appeared on the light, and vice versa.

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